Rockin’ It

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Podcasts

Sometimes, it pays to live under a rock.

Honestly, I should do it more often.  Rather than being uber-informed alla time (byproduct of being a newsguy), I think it might be a little better for my brain health and my ultimate belief in the goodness of humankind to NOT pay attention so much.

But, as President of World-Voices Organization, it’s been hard to live under a rock these days.

So…in case you are just now emerging from your cave, you really should take a listen to this conversation both Liz Atherton and I had with Voiceover Insider founder, and WoVO Member Julie Williams in a podcast the other day.

The topic of Voices dot com’s buyout of VoiceBank was still red-hot at the time we did the interview (it’s still boiling), and several reactions are still developing as a result.  But this is a good discussion of the basic challenges this acquisition presents to our community.

Click here to listen to Julie William’s VoiceOver Inside Podcast.




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