Celebrate a Voiceover 4th of July

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Ramblings/Off-Topic

Wednesday is holiday hell.

It’s almost impossible to justify to ANY employer that you need Mon-Tues or Thurs-Fri off when a big holiday hits on Wednesday.

But Thursday!  Now there’s a great day for a nationwide celebration! ‘Cause Friday is just lost….and most employers know it.

Heck, a good many of them will tell workers to go home Wednesday at noon.

But what do WE care about all that?  We’re hard-working freelance voice actors!

Sure there will be some fine eating, and maybe some libations…a few hours at the pool, or the beach, or the lake…but then what?



In case you missed the obvious, we just passed over into the second half of the year.  In fact for some businesses, July 1st is the start of a new fiscal year.

I don’t know about you, but these calendar milestones tend to awaken in me a panic.  

Didn’t it just turn March?  So why are we here in July already?

Well, there’s no arguing it, so acceptance and planning is the best tack.

Try on the reminder list below to busy yourself in the down-time this weekend:

  • Revisit the unfinished tweaks to your website
  • How old ARE those demos?
  • Get your accounting books into shape
  • All your invoices should be sent up to June 30th
  • When’s the last time you dusted your studio?
  • Might be time to refurbish your mailing list
  • Does your LinkedeIn profile need a little sprucing-up?
  • Check to see what subscriptions you’re not using, and cancel them 
  • Update software (maybe even upgrade)
  • Evaluate your audio processing stacks (or revamp them)
  • Get rid of the one thing in your studio that you keeps distracting you
  • Catch up on saved VO articles, webinars, and YouTube videos
  • Register for WoVOCon VI
  • Make your WoVOCon VI reservations
  • Plan your next coaching session
  • Love your family
  • Glance at your business plan for the first time this year
  • Ask a VO colleague what you can do for THEM
  • Plan to incorporate at least one video element per week in your social media posts
  • Check your tax strategy (saving enough back?)
  • check your auditioning/booking ratio
  • buy new mic cables
  • drink more water
  • review 2019 New Year’s resolutions.  There’s still time!
  • Find a marketing mentor
  • Talk to your agent(s) about what you’re doing right/wrong.

What did I forget?  Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.





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