3 Warnings About Blog Titles With Numbers in Them

Why?  Because it’s a manipulative device to get you to read it!  That’s the #1 reason.  You don’t want to be manipulated do you?  Virtually every last blog about and for bloggers mentions this magic formula.  I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it…so let... read more

Break the Mold

It’s late…or early…whichever.  The clock says 3:32am as I write this.We’re creatures of habit, tending to keep the same schedules.  Mine is a late one.  Yes, I do sleep.  My sleep hours are just not YOUR sleep hours.  Personally, I believe the... read more

Does Voice Acting Have a “Slow” Season?

Time and again I see online posts asking if anyone else is experiencing downtime.  It’s almost as if people are trying to reassure themselves that their own reduced workload mirrors the experience of others (the old “misery loves company”... read more

The Case For Face

Everything you do online for your VO business:  Demos, Blogs, Twitter posts, FaceBook updates, profiles, newsletters…even email signatures should have a picture.I used to sit on the fence on this debate…you know…the debate over whether a VO... read more

The Voice-Actor’s Law of Diminishing Returns

Franklin wanted to better his chances at getting documentary voiceover jobs, and sought out a top producer to help with a killer demo.  He was taken aback by the quote he got.  Would it be worth it?Barbara just knew she’d improve the sound of her VO auditions if... read more

“You know, I used to be a….”

Never.  Never have I run across a voice-actor who began life as a voice-actor.  Everyone came to the profession from somewhere else.  A good many began in broadcasting…especially radio.  Some from (ahem) TV, or production, or audio engineering… but... read more

Short Messages for Busy People

Attention spans are beyond short.  These days they’re miniscule. The teenage generation of today doesn’t even use email.  According to the Pew Research Center, only 6% of teens exchange email daily.  They reserve email for “official”... read more

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