Big Name Hollywood Voice Over Babylon

Al Pacino is about as big as it gets in tinsel-town. He’s never done a voice-over role before…and now he continues in that deficit… although it was close. Pacino was all set to be the voice of the villain Eduardo in the animated film Despicable Me... read more

Garret/Fraley Get Serious About Comedy in Vegas

How many times have you heard that you won’t break through as a voice talent until you’ve taken some acting classes? Have you ever taken a class from Pat Fraley? No? Make an appointment with yourself to do so.  (Here is a list of his upcoming workshops).... read more

Defining Disintermediation

Wait, before we define it…or even say it, let’s dissect it. Dis=the negative of inter=between, among mediation=to affect an agreement So, no go-betweens, making agreements, basically. This is not a word I created. But I like it. I came across it in an... read more

Hire a Pro VO

  Doncha just love the irreverent spokesman/mascot for Jack In the Box restaurants?  No?  Too silly for ya? Lemme ask you this:  if you had a chance to audition for the voice of “Jack” would you jump at it? Uh-huh, ‘cause it’s a high-profile,... read more

Access + Process = Success

If even the slightest glitch or hitch interferes with you walking into your studio, turning on your audio chain, and beginning the recording, you have slowed your ACCESS, and over time, the glitch grows into a ginormous mental block, preventing, instead of facilitating your next audition.

read more

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