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Launching into the world of voice acting is a steep challenge.  There are no manuals, but plenty of “opportunities”.  The opportunities range from legitimate offers of help to outright predation, and everything in between…including the costs involved.

As you would approach any other profession, voice acting deserves your time in research.  The tools to do so are present like never before.  It is incumbent on the newcomer to do his/her homework, ask a lot of questions, and even find a willing mentor if possible.  Doing so can save a lot of time, money and frustration.  Education and awareness are at the core of career advancement, and close to the heart of the mission of World-Voices Organization.

Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of voiceover advice online:  lists, articles, books, and  even warnings written by seasoned VO professionals who are sincerely trying to help. I’ve added to the mix from time-to-time myself.  ‘Trouble is; the newcomer has no way to discern the wheat from the chaff.  Sometimes the best advice does not come in as slick a package as that offered by the glitzy but disingenuous opportunists/predators.

Also, some of the admonitions written even 3-4-5 years ago are no longer quite as timely as they once were.  That’s how fast things change.

Let me share the latest iteration of timely advice, though, written by a colleague in two parts.  Like most of us, David Winograd comes from another profession…but has approached his entry into voice acting in a way I would recommend to anyone.  Now he is sharing that wisdom in what I consider to be a concise, level-headed, honest, and yet encouraging composition.

David has published both articles on LinkedIn Pulse.

Considering Voice Over?  How Not To Be Roadkill – Part One

Considering Voice Over?  How Not To Be Roadkill – Part Two

While I’m at it, let me also provide a link to an entire website written by VO Pro Dee Bradley Baker.  It’s called:  I Want to be A Voice Actor!, and is quite comprehensive.

Finally, let me also mention a helpful online tool written by another colleague who is not only an accomplished voice actor, but a master marketer.  It’s a few years old, but contains some hard truths every VO neophyte should face.  Peter O’Connell’s Voice Over Entrance Exam.

I stand in awe of the work these gentlemen have put into these resources, and they are absolutely free.  Well done, David Winograd!  Your advice is my top referral, now, to people who ask for voice acting advice.




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  1. Tim Bick

    Thanks for the links to Dave’s articles, I wish I had had those to read before I started (or maybe not, perhaps it would have put me off the whole idea!). I would put the marketing percentage of time at closer to 90% than 75%. But that may just reflect my bad priorities.


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