#1 WoVOCon V happens in about 6 months (give or take), and it’ll be awesome!

Last year’s conference was in June, and this year we’ve moved it to November, which is, like, one of the best months of the year in Vegas.  We have a full slate of incredible speakers, sessions, surprises, and events.  We landed an incredible group room rate.  You’ll see all your friends, and it’s Vegas…OK?  You need to be here!

#2 WoVOCon V is open only to members.

But you’re already one, or you wanna be… right?  We’re the only industry trade association speaking JUST FOR voice-actors around the globe.  It’s a big job, but we have big aspirations.  We hold the line on best practices for producers, coaches, and talent.  We offer a free voice-over directory of vetted talent for our pro members, we have vendor discounts, a helpful online community, and we’re vigilant about bad players in the marketplace.  We’re 800 strong and growing, and we throw a great party once-a-year for WoVOCon.  Most of all, YOU, as a member get to set the course we plot for the future.  In fact you are WoVO, so join, OK?

We're 800 strong and growing, and we throw a great party once-a-year for WoVOCon Click To Tweet

#3 WoVOCon is open for registration.

…and if you jump on that today, and today only, you can get in at LAST YEAR’S PRICES.  Starting Tuesday, May 1st, we graduate to the 2018 Early Bird price, which is $25 more.  $299 today, or $325 tomorrow.  Hey, 25-bucks is 25 bucks! (I know, I know, it’s technically $26).
To get more info, and log onto the registration page, click HERE.  You’ll also be able to book your room at that incredible group rate by following a link on the registration page.  Finally:  got a killer idea for a session you’d like to ask about or even present yourself? There’s also a form you can fill out to share your big idea!

Just do it!   You know you’re gonna wanna come anyway, so make this a priority on your VO calendar, and I’ll see you in November.  Hey, Nov. 9th is my birthday, and I need you to celebrate with me!




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