Gear Drooling

A decidedly geeky affliction that hits whenever drool-worthy gear is revealed.

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Prepare for PreAmps

Next to the all-important microphone, voice-actors wring their hands over their choice of pre-amp almost as much. I confess to not being worthy of expert advice in these matters.  I can tell you I’ve tried a bunch of ’em, and currently use the Universal... read more

CES 2017 Aftermath

Two blocks down the street from KLAS-TV, the Las Vegas Convention Center is still cleaning up from the self-indulgent tech conference known as the Consumer Electronics Show. Numbers astound.  The first and biggest event of the year in the undisputed king of convention... read more

Mic Cable Buying Guide

The day you spend hours searching-out a scratchy sound or electrical hum in your audio chain is the day you start wondering if the hi-priced mic cable is REALLY better than the bargain brand.It is.”Microphones output a very low signal by nature. Using a really... read more

The Tangle Tango

This is a picture of the cords under my desk where I work at the TV station.  I confess, I care less about how it looks than if it were in my home.  But seriously, folks…when something goes wrong, I’m on my knees in my suit, doing my best imitation of... read more

The VO Version of a Fishing Tackle Box

…Or it could be the VO Version of a Golf Bag, or a Mechanic’s toolbox, or a skier’s pack.We’re into our “stuff”, and voice actors tend to be as geeky as the best professional photographer or plumber when it comes to equipment.  Yes,... read more

Don’t Buy New Recording Equipment. Do This Instead.

Dan Lenard made me a believer.He makes a strong case that very few audio engineers are equipped to adequately give technical advice for today’s home-based freelance voice-actors.The proliferation and the challenges of  today’s individualized recording... read more

Studio Headphone Comparison

Isn’t it lousy that we can’t get hardware vendors to recognize and market to voice-actors exclusively?  I guess it’s because they just don’t think voice actors constitute a big enough market.  Instead we see all sorts of reviews for musicians,... read more

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