Welcome to my most unreserved, enthusiastic, and unequivocal endorsement EVAR.

But who am I?  

A gnat.

An inconsequential cretin.

A minuscule mole on the armpit of voice-acting compared to the many luminaries who have preceded me in their praise of George Whittam.

People like Don LaFontaine fer Chrissakes.

Some of you may know him as just the very capable co-host of VOBS, and yes, he is certainly that.

But George is the MAN. The audio-man.

Just released from his commitment to Edge Studio, George is now joining the ranks of the rest of us freelancers, and launching his own audio technical consulting business.

Lucky us!

I’m not going to waste a lot of digital ink here, explaining George’s pedigree.  It’s substantial, and a matter of record.

What matters is that he’s got the goods when you need it.  



Whittam is extremely approachable, makes the most technical gobbledegook understandable, and I’ve never seen him stumped by an audio or studio issue.

Seriously, his knowledge is encyclopaedic, and his rates are reasonable.

Don’t believe me?  Ask just about anybody in this business.  They’ll tell you the same thing.

George’s new business:

George The Tech

Kinda catchy, no?

Just go to his website now… it’s complete.  Contact information, services, testimonials, scheduling… it’s all there.

…and bookmark the site.  You may not need George today, but when you DO need him (and you will eventually), you’ll know where to find him.

George The Tech




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