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Do This Instead of Buying a New Mic

Today’s freelance voice actor working in a home studio needs to understand their unique recording environment, and match a good mic to it (not the other way around). There’s help, and here’s how.

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What’s With All the Pencils?

Bing Desktop resides on all my computers. Because of that, every day a new background presents itself on my desktop.  Usually it’s some gorgeous landscape scene from somewhere in the world.Earlier this week, it was this:For perspective, notice the yellow... read more

The Most Amazing Thing I Heard at WoVOCon III

…and it came from none other than George Whittam.  Actually, that makes perfect sense now that I think about it.  George understands the technical aspect of private studio recording probably better than anyone else on the planet.In fact, this week, George is... read more

Don’t Buy New Recording Equipment. Do This Instead.

Dan Lenard made me a believer.He makes a strong case that very few audio engineers are equipped to adequately give technical advice for today’s home-based freelance voice-actors.The proliferation and the challenges of  today’s individualized recording... read more

Product Review: VocalBoothToGo

Entrepreneurship is a big part of the energy sustaining this world.  God bless each and every person who has the guts to go forward with a great idea. Adil Aliev is that kinda guy.  You can hear his story in his own words below in the interview I did with him.  The... read more

Most Amazing Pop-Screen Attachment Evar

Those pop-filters with the goose-neck arm are sure handy for bending to just about any configuration in your studio.  But why is it that they seem to be just an inch-or-two short of where you need it to be for the perfect placement?.  It always seems to... read more

What Would YOU Tell Kevin?

November 24, 2009 I wrote one of the shortest blogs of my career. BEST MIC FOR AUDIOBOOKS.  I must’ve been really lazy or awfully busy that day. Regardless, THAT blog must’ve shown up in a search somewhere, ’cause I got the following comment to the... read more

Who’s Listening, and HOW?

Our listening preferences range just about as far and wide as our speaking and recording choices. Some voice actors record while wearing headphones, some record without the cans, but listen back with them, others listen through a set of studio monitors (of all shapes,... read more

Pathetic Phone Patch Paralysis

Every once in a while, I get a quick missive from a friend of mine who runs a top VO studio.  You might remember the blog I wrote based on a tip from “JJ”,  that got a lot of responses when — as a voice seeker — he asked specifically for a... read more

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