Most Amazing Pop-Screen Attachment Evar

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Hardware, Home studio, Mics

sabraThose pop-filters with the goose-neck arm are sure handy for bending to just about any configuration in your studio.  But why is it that they seem to be just an inch-or-two short of where you need it to be for the perfect placement?.  It always seems to not…quite…reach.  Does this happen to you?

Because I’m OCD and these little things bother me, I went searching for a solution, and found it (as usual) on the Voice-Over Friends FaceBook group.  In fact, it came specifically from JS Gilbert, and I hope he doesn’t mind that I mention him here to give him credit.

The solution is an ingenious, meticulous contraption made by Sabra (Sabra-Som).

The Sabra solution is to offer various components that fit together in configurations that suit your situation.  You can add them on to each other almost like Tinker-Toys (or am I dating myself?…OK then, like Transformers).  Each elbow in the construction allows for sabra-bre-shaping, re-sizing, turning, articulating, and re-configuring.  The materials are solid, and the construction of the components is well-tooled.  Caution:  not the most budget-minded solution, though.

I’d suggest buying whatever configuration you need from Amazon, although most of the other online stores, like B&H, Sweetwater, MusiciansFriend, etc., also have them.  I ended up ordering extra parts to make mine work, and it took only a couple of days from Amazon, and about a week from one of the online electronics suppliers.

Be careful to get the set that comes with the two attachments off the first leg of the gizmo.  As seen in the blue pic on the right.  My suggestion only.  I found it to have the best arrangement, but the packages come in all sorts of assortments, so look them over good to see what works best for you.

There.  OCD satisfied.





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