Centrance Mixerface R4 Adds Mics

The well-received Centrance Mixerface R4 adds two Centrance-designed pivot mics. Centrance’s Michael Goodman explains in an interview from the NAB floor.

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Gear Drooling

A decidedly geeky affliction that hits whenever drool-worthy gear is revealed.

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Here Fido!

All manner of online identity theft is possible and happening with greater frequency. Even 2-factor-authentication — while good — is fallible. That’s why you may want to invest in a USB gizmo that ups the security.

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Prepare for PreAmps

Next to the all-important microphone, voice-actors wring their hands over their choice of pre-amp almost as much. I confess to not being worthy of expert advice in these matters.  I can tell you I’ve tried a bunch of ’em, and currently use the Universal... read more

This Little Lexar Goes a Long Way

Seems like every iteration of Apple products comes with fewer connections, not more.  Some see it as progress, others, problematic. When Apple adopted the lightning connector, all my 30-pin plugs were immediately obsolete for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  A few critics say... read more

Zoom Q2n

You know me, I’m a big Zoom electronic devices fan.  I own or have owned the H4, H4n, H6n audio recorders, and the Q8 video/audio recorder.  None of those models have give me any pause for regret. Now:  the Zoom Q2n.  It lets you record hi-fidelity audio, and... read more

iPhone Recording Done Better

If only I had a dollar for every blog I’ve written about mobile recording.  Something about this realm fascinates me, and hardware vendors keep obliging! Several worthy candidates easily plug in to your iPhone.  Here are some recent articles extolling the... read more

Newest Portable Audio Recorder from $ony

They just keep on coming down the pike, and I am intrigued by all of ’em.  How much can they pack into a hand-held digital recorder?Tascam and Zoom seem to dominate this field, but others players like Olympus and Roland have some entries.Now, Sony is back with... read more

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