Prepare for PreAmps

by | May 1, 2017 | Equipment, Hardware

Next to the all-important microphone, voice-actors wring their hands over their choice of pre-amp almost as much.

I confess to not being worthy of expert advice in these matters.  I can tell you I’ve tried a bunch of ’em, and currently use the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo USB, which seems mighty fine.  But I also have a Grace Design M101 in a separate audio chain, and I’ve been known to rely on my Aphex 230 routed through a Lexicon I.onix U42S from time to time.

People rave about their Avalon, and the Focusright preamps, and rightly so.  There’s no right/wrong answer. But much like a microphone choice, the selection of a preamp should be tailored to your voice, and the sound you’re trying to achieve.

Below is a link to an articlel titled: 8 BEST MIC PREAMPS FOR RECORDING VOCALS.  Mind you, that means “singing”…but we’re used to being the red-headed stepchild of equipment vendors, right?…and therein lies the second caveat to my referral. The article was written by and/or for Sweetwater customers…so there may have been some product they needed to sell.

Still I find the info helpful, and reading Lynn Fuston’s review might help in your general education about audio production.





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