People who know me well and/or read this blog understand that I’m a hopeless sap for devices.

Many’s the time I’ve written about especially mobile recording devices.

Many years ago, I settled on and frequently use my Zoom H6n along with my VocalBoothToGo.

But as we all know, nothing stays the same, and there are some new guys on the block beckoning with their unique feature sets.

The other day, I wrote about Mixerface.  It seems to be the new darling choice for remote recording, and rightly so.  Mixerface, made by Centrance (the MicPortPro folks) has extremely enticing features for the price ($349).

But now — at the very same price point as Mixerface, Spire has come to my attention, from Isotope.

Granted, it’s made with the musician in mind.  But as with most everything else designed for that demographic, there’s an equal application for the voiceover community.

So there ya go!  Three awesome choices if you happen to be in the market for quality remote recording (and aren’t we all?).




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