You know me, I’m a big Zoom electronic devices fan.  I own or have owned the H4, H4n, H6n audio recorders, and the Q8 video/audio recorder.  None of those models have give me any pause for regret.

Now:  the Zoom Q2n.  It lets you record hi-fidelity audio, and oh…it comes with a built-in camera too.  All the marketing materials for the Zoom Q2n are directed at musicians… but as voice-actors, we’re accustomed to this level of dismissive condescension, right?

It records 24-bit, 96kHz audio in .wav format with a 44.1 sampling rate, and promises distortion-free recording up to 120 decibels.  Like the Q8, it also can record an audio track separate from the video (mp4).  The mic is arranged on X/Y stereo configuration.

The Q2n takes an SD card up to 128GB, has stereo headphone mini jack, a physical gain control dial, an HDMI output, a nifty color display panel on the back, and a built-in speaker.  The Q2 also serves as a WebCam with a USB connection, and runs on 2 AA Batteries (AC adapter sold separately).  You can buy the Q2n at all the usual places (B&H, Amazon. Sweetwater) for around $150.

You know what?  That’s a sweet pkg. 

I’ll bet you can even get it delivered by Christmas.  Below, links to some recent reviews of the Q2n.

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