The Mighty MIc

…our unofficial mascot. Our sword. Most of us wish we could afford yet ANOTHER one. Yes? Here are some ideas.

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Do This Instead of Buying a New Mic

Today’s freelance voice actor working in a home studio needs to understand their unique recording environment, and match a good mic to it (not the other way around). There’s help, and here’s how.

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Microphone Hygiene

Your microphone is not just a hunk of metal and wires. It’s delicate, and requires care. Here are a few simple suggestions.

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MXL DX-2 Mic Review

People read my blog who I don’t even know.  Usually it’s a good thing. Take David G Beneke for instance; an audiobook narrator, and a geek like me when it comes to audio hardware (only his expertise vastly supersedes mine). Beneke sent me an email a few... read more

Zoom Q2n

You know me, I’m a big Zoom electronic devices fan.  I own or have owned the H4, H4n, H6n audio recorders, and the Q8 video/audio recorder.  None of those models have give me any pause for regret. Now:  the Zoom Q2n.  It lets you record hi-fidelity audio, and... read more

7 Justifications for Staying With Your Current Mic

Guys…I’m talkin’ mostly to you.  Some of us (ahem) tend to be geek/tech heads about voice acting (you know who you are!).  We can easily make the mistake of believing that a better mic/preamp/DAW/mic cable/mixer/shockmount/USB... read more

Awesome Guide to 2016 Microphones

Honestly, there are so many good mics on the market right now that it makes me drool. I own some good ones, some great ones, some expensive ones, and some mid-priced ones…but when I see a review like the one in the current digital guide:  ELECTRONIC... read more

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