Do This Instead of Buying a New Mic

Today’s freelance voice actor working in a home studio needs to understand their unique recording environment, and match a good mic to it (not the other way around). There’s help, and here’s how.

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Microphone Hygiene

Your microphone is not just a hunk of metal and wires. It’s delicate, and requires care. Here are a few simple suggestions.

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MXL DX-2 Mic Review

People read my blog who I don’t even know.  Usually it’s a good thing. Take David G Beneke for instance; an audiobook narrator, and a geek like me when it comes to audio hardware (only his expertise vastly supersedes mine). Beneke sent me an... read more

Zoom Q2n

You know me, I’m a big Zoom electronic devices fan.  I own or have owned the H4, H4n, H6n audio recorders, and the Q8 video/audio recorder.  None of those models have give me any pause for regret. Now:  the Zoom Q2n.  It lets you record... read more

7 Justifications for Staying With Your Current Mic

Guys…I’m talkin’ mostly to you.  Some of us (ahem) tend to be geek/tech heads about voice acting (you know who you are!).  We can easily make the mistake of believing that a better mic/preamp/DAW/mic cable/mixer/shockmount/USB... read more

Awesome Guide to 2016 Microphones

Honestly, there are so many good mics on the market right now that it makes me drool. I own some good ones, some great ones, some expensive ones, and some mid-priced ones…but when I see a review like the one in the current digital guide:  ELECTRONIC... read more

iPhone Recording Done Better

If only I had a dollar for every blog I’ve written about mobile recording.  Something about this realm fascinates me, and hardware vendors keep obliging! Several worthy candidates easily plug in to your iPhone.  Here are some... read more

3 Irrefutable Facts About Choosing Mics

My friend Sean Daeley — an American voice actor living in Japan — alerted me to the month of May being Sweetwater’s “Mic Month”  (probably for no other reason than because of the convenient “M” alliteration). Love... read more

Shure Motiv MV88

Because I’m a geek at heart, I’ve probably written more blogs about gear than anything else.  Or a close second. Especially blogs about mobile recording, and even more specifically, about mics that you can plug into a smartphone.  Most recently I... read more

11 Sites Explaining Mic Pick-up Patterns

Geekhood status does not mean you have an osmotic mind…it just means you love the idea, the smell, the feel, the allure of technology. Much of the hardware/software challenges that come with being a voice actor are fun for me…but for some reason, the... read more