No other image so identifies the voice actor to her/his craft.

We love the association, and we use the image blatantly and freely as our moniker.  It’s on our branding, our websites, and our business cards.

We fuss over our mics.  Invest in them, collect them, discuss them, buy/sell/trade them.

They can be expensive or cheap…carrying pedigreed names or no-names.  But like it or not, we need them…so here’s to microphones and the respect they give us. 

No other topic has graced the pages of this blog more than microphones.   I’ve railed against spending too much on them, and cautioned that a mic cannot make up for the right recording environment or practice or talent or marketing.


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Should a Microphone LOOK Good?

Can the right microphone make you sound better?  Yes.  Will a more expensive mic make you sound better? Yes, but only to a point of diminishing returns.

Even with all that, I can’t help but read mic shoot-outs (comparisons), nor can I ignore a good mic sale.

There’s a pretty good one going on right now at BSW.  Mic Mania (as it’s called) even offers the venerable Sennheiser MKH416 at a $200 discount – thanks to Joe Cipriano.  There’s good pricing on all the incidentals, too, like cables, stands, and pop-filters.

No, I’m not getting a red cent of a kickback for telling you this.  Sweetwater has great prices on mics too from time to time.  Just letting you know, in case you’re in the market for a good mic.





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