This Little Lexar Goes a Long Way

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Hardware

Lexar microSD reader

Seems like every iteration of Apple products comes with fewer connections, not more.  Some see it as progress, others, problematic.

When Apple adopted the lightning connector, all my 30-pin plugs were immediately obsolete for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  A few critics say that same adoption of new technology to wireless headphones (abandoning the headphone jack) just insures Apple’s revenue stream of proprietary technology sales.

Regardless, 3rd-party accessory devices are NOT in short supply.

The Lexar microSD reader with lightning connector accepts all sizes of microsSD storage card, and immediately makes the contents available to you on your iOS device.  Record video on a better camera than comes on the iPhone, and immediately import it for editing or sharing on your iPhone.

Maybe the best part, though, is the versatile app Lexar designed to go with the device.

The Lexar Mobile Manager becomes the interface for the device, making it easy to upload or offload, backup, store, and exchange oodles of Gigabytes on your iPhone or iPad.  It comes with music, photo, and video functionality, DropBox-ready, photo-backup, contacts back-up.  There is in-app storage, and external storage programs, and perhaps best for us voice-actors, there’s a built-in audio recorder.

I’ve already started carrying it around with me wherever I go.  I know there are plenty of cloud storage programs for iOS, but sometimes the confidence of a hardware solution just seems to still feel rock-solid.  I think the retail price of $35 is reasonable.  YMMV.

Quick note: it’s tiny, so make good use of the lanyard that comes with it to avoid losing it!




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