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by | May 20, 2014 | Equipment, Hardware, Home studio

vocalboothtogoEntrepreneurship is a big part of the energy sustaining this world.  God bless each and every person who has the guts to go forward with a great idea.

Adil Aliev is that kinda guy.  You can hear his story in his own words below in the interview I did with him.  The bottom line is that he stumbled on something that just clicked. He saw the potential… one of those “great ideas”…and he ran with it.

Today there is Vocal Booth To Go: a portable, yet fairly spacious and quick setup recording environment that truly works.  Not only does it provide a dead space 270° around your mic, but it does a wonderful job of keeping out ambient noise.

This portable recording booth may not be new to you.  It was to me.  So far, VocalBoothToGo has presented at a couple of photo 1 (1)VO conferences already.  James Alburger has mentored Aliev along the way.  George Whittam worked with VocalBoothToGo at the Atlanta VoiceOver Conference earlier this year when a talent needed something done, now.

Aliev sent me an evaluation booth to try, and I’ve included some pics here to show you what it photo 2 (1)looks like.  The booth sets up in a snap, directions are easy, and customer service is readily available.  The site is full of testimonials by people you may recognize, and there are plenty of tutorials to show you how to use it.

If you want to use it standing up, all you need is a mic-stand. A strong  metal plate fits on that stand (hardware included in the pkg) that acts as a base for the booth.

More about VocalBoothToGo after the video. Please watch my interview with company president Adil Aliev.

The VocalBoothToGo Pro is selling right now for $375.79.  It’s sturdy.  The materials used are durable.  It will last a long time, and could easily be anybody’s home studio set-up.  We all knew those moving blankets were good for something else, right?

photo 5-aIf I was leaving on vacation, and had no work to bring with me, I might decide to travel without the VocalBoothtoGo.  It’s weight (12 lbs.)  and 23in x 23in  x 3in dimensions make it less portable than some of its competitors.  But if I KNEW I had work to do on the road, I’d absolutely make the VocalBoothtoGo a part of my luggage.  No question.

As you heard, Aliev is working on some ancillary products, like the Carry-on Tracking booth… smaller, and so is the price.  He’s got his sights set on some products for broadcast reporters in the field, too.

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