What’s With All the Pencils?

Bing Desktop resides on all my computers. Because of that, every day a new background presents itself on my desktop.  Usually it’s some gorgeous landscape scene from somewhere in the world.Earlier this week, it was this:For perspective, notice the yellow... read more

Seizing the Moment

People wonder why I hammer away at the one big issue that faces us all.  I’m not even sure what to call it… but it has to do with the impending death of ISDN, and pretenders to the throne. A voice-over friend in Canada wrote me yesterday to ask my opinion... read more

“…We Just Don’t Have the Heart…”

A voice-over producer approached me for some help yesterday. He’s a seasoned audio professional, but his new business is still finding its footing…and he keeps running across a predicament with one of the main services he offers:  producing VO demos. I... read more

Who’s Listening, and HOW?

Our listening preferences range just about as far and wide as our speaking and recording choices. Some voice actors record while wearing headphones, some record without the cans, but listen back with them, others listen through a set of studio monitors (of all shapes,... read more

Studio Suit: Installed!

Dan Lenard’s Studio Suit got its first install the other day. Dan — The Home Studio Master — made the sojourn to Chicago in sub-zero temps to find his first victim, er, uh volunteer for the occasion. I wrote about the Studio Suit just last week.  Dan... read more

Radio. From home?

Could it be that our colleagues on the radio airwaves are finally getting on board with the home studio thing? I find it hard to believe this is anything new, but a “Radio World” website article from just a week ago profiles 3 broadcast talents who are... read more

Dog and Pony

There are a  number of good production studios here in Las Vegas. Some are elegant…others carry more of a “workshop” air.  Some do more video…others more audio.  But the coolest one in town is Dog & Pony Studio. John McClain is THE guy.... read more

Straight Talk on Studios

No it doesn’t have to be complicated, and no it doesn’t have to be expensive to build a quality VO recording studio. Despite what all the equipment vendors want to tell you, it’s not Rocket Surgery to build a home studio. Dan Lenard would tell you that.  He WILL... read more

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