Studio Suit: Installed!

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Equipment, Studios | 9 comments

suitDan Lenard’s Studio Suit got its first install the other day.

Dan — The Home Studio Master — made the sojourn to Chicago in sub-zero temps to find his first victim, er, uh volunteer for the occasion.

I wrote about the Studio Suit just last week.  Dan wasn’t talking about it much ’cause he was wanting to get that first real-world application under his belt.  But I took the cue from his website, and so he shared with me some video he took of that install in a friend’s closet in Chicago…turning it from an echo chamber to a dead-space studio.

It only takes 3 minutes to watch this brief, instructive demonstration of the transformative power of the studio suit.  Be sure to slide the player control back ‘n’ forth to listen to the “before” and “after” sound.

Thanks, Dan!  Good luck with it!





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  1. Tom Conklin

    Awesome…big difference. So that’s why Dan said he was headed to the Chicago area. 🙂


  2. Dan Lenard

    Thanks CourVo!

    I wanted to experiment o see if this material would do as well in a slightly bigger closet than my own and the results speak for them self. (Literally!)

    The beauty of this product is its versatility. Perfect for a walk-in closet of this size or as a cover for a 4 X 4 X 7 PVC or similar structure, free standing cube. A real solution for those without a useable closet. Its NOT sound “proofing” material, but it does reduce incoming sound transmission a fair amount, making a great solution for simple home Voice over studios.

    Not quite ready for retail yet as I have to figure out production, shipping and handling costs. But it will be an effective, non-destructive and more economical alternative to competitive products. It also gives you the ability to still use the closet as it can be draped on a bar, or sliding tracks, (Like we did here) or roman shaded. I love the option to find what works for you best in your situation.

    More info to come!

  3. Dan Lenard

    Oh great, it did post that first comment. Oh well.

  4. Marie Kopan

    Thanks for sharing this Dave. Dan, what a nice option for home studios…what kind of material is it, since it is not soundproofing?

    • Dan Lenard

      I’m not at liberty to say. However I will say read the most famous quote from Isaiah. That should give you a clue as to its original owner. Its recycling and reuse for a much better purpose.

      • MarieK

        of course, thanks Dan!

  5. Michael Bey

    I want one. I’m your friend on FB so whenever you’re ready, I want my closet outfitted. I was going to do it next week with different material but I would be glad to wait for your product Dan. I’ll send you the dimensions and I can install it myself. I’ll even record it for you!

    • Dan Lenard

      Send them along Michael,

      I’ll be doing a run of sheets hopefully this week. We’re primarily going to cut them into 5 X 8 sheets @$100/sheet./pluss shipping. We can custom cut them for a little more

    • Dan Lenard

      Hi Michael,

      I’ve have 8 x 5 sheets now if you want some.



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