The New Norm in Security

You value your sound files, right? And all your docs, pics, programs, and financial data too?
Then you can’t afford NOT to do this.

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Here Fido!

All manner of online identity theft is possible and happening with greater frequency. Even 2-factor-authentication — while good — is fallible. That’s why you may want to invest in a USB gizmo that ups the security.

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Android Tablet vs. Studio DAW

Android devices have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to quality audio recording. For the better part of two years, hardware and app designers have been coming up with elegant solutions for passable voice recordings on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).  I’ve... read more

Meet Luci Live

Luci Live is an app for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.  Don’t ask me where they got the name, but here’s what it does, according to the website:  “…LUCI LIVE transforms your PC or Smartphone into a high-quality, live internet broadcasting... read more

Why Adobe Should Talk to CenturyLink

CenturyLink is a relatively small Telecom player, but they are the main provider of traditional (wired) phone service in Las Vegas.  They are also aggressively moving into competitor Cox Cable’s typical realm:  TV and Internet.  Which is why Adobe should talk to... read more

Whittam Launches VO Studio Tech

Everybody’s first choice in audio technical help is stepping it up. George Whittam is re-branding his top-flight audio services as VO STUDIO TECH. This is a smart move by George, and certainly shows a growth in his expertise, his clientele, and his ability to... read more

Wi-Fi Fiddling

Through what broadband configuration are you sending your big audiofiles? How are you connecting on Skype? That big Source Connect job?…is it getting hung up on your slow internet speed? We all just put Wi-Fi in our home and forget it. Your upload/download... read more

Next Gen MicPortPro?

JK Audio makes this little gem.  Appropriately, it’s called the BlueDriver in reference to it’s built-in BlueTooth wireless connection. JK has a fine reputation for all sorts of audio interfaces, things like phone patch devices, wireless headsets, and... read more

Info O’lo

Not to be confused with J-Lo in any way. Information Overload hits me most days, but lately I’ve been accumulating kernels of factoids that deserve to be shared, but don’t merit a blog article unto themselves.  Hence Info O’lo. Factoid #1:  Word2Wav... read more

SoundStreak – From the Top

Throw away most of your previous concepts of remote session recordings for this blog article. This will be a detailed, inside tour of SoundStreak, as told by its CEO, Dan Caligor…and he admits, “…it takes people a while to Grok this.” Most of... read more

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