The New Norm in Security

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Technical

We all wanted to strangle that guy.

You know… the supposed security mastermind who originated the complicated password scheme demanding upper/lowercase, plus a combination of symbols and punctuations for password security.  The more arcane, the better. Then we were supposed to change it every two weeks.


Most of us forgot what we devised in the first place, then threw up our hands and installed Dashlane or 1Password or some other password-organizing program.

Then he admitted his original edict was probably ineffective, and the more prudent password was a long string of just plain ole words.

Somewhere in there, I also adopted 2FA or two factor-authentication…and that’s what I’m now suggesting you do today.

It means an extra step for logging-in, but all the social media platforms, your online banking… any site, really, that has meaningful information you want to protect will offer two-factor authentication.

And the latest technology makes it easy.  Install on your smartphone, scan a QR code, or accept a pre-arranged text, and you’re in.

Wanna see more?

Read this article by Bill Hess from PixelPrivacy.

This really is the new best way to secure your information…at least until the next great idea comes around…and keeping in mind that the best hackers will be able to get into your stuff, no matter what you do, really.




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