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by | Mar 14, 2012 | Technical, Web Resources, Web/Tech

Not to be confused with J-Lo in any way.

Information Overload hits me most days, but lately I’ve been accumulating kernels of factoids that deserve to be shared, but don’t merit a blog article unto themselves.  Hence Info O’lo.

Factoid #1:  Word2Wav founder and wizard Hervé Chain has added some handy new functionality to his already-unique software program. Now you can select any audio-editing program you want from within W2W interface to complete your project.  Chain says:  “…Simply chose the DAW of interest in the Set-up window and Word2WAV will pass the active file in the Recording window directly to this DAW for editing instead of using the built-in editor. Word2WAV takes care of backing up the file before passing it to the DAW, so you just have to edit and save. No navigation required… “ Download the latest version if you already own it.  It will uninstall the old, and install the new with your preferences and registration key intact.  Don’t own it?  Try it fully-functional for a while, then you must purchase to continue. For a general explanation of W2W, and what it can do, see this blog from September of last year.

Factoid #2:  VOICE2012 is practically on top of us considering how fast time flies these days.  More and more great speakers, and panels, and coaches and seminars are being locked-in.  For the latest announcement, try clicking on this VOICE2012 newsletter…fresh off the matrix.

Factoid #3: Another reason it’s been worth EVERY CENT to hire Brett Bumeter as my guide on maximizing my blog reach.  He came to me with the idea of using FaceBook as the preferred platform for hosting comments to my blog articles.  If you look at the bottom of this very article, you’ll see a place to comment through my FaceBook page, and below that, the traditional input method I’ve been using for years on this WordPress blog.  The old version will eventually go away, probably.  Why the change?  SEO.  Exposure.  Social Media. FaceBook has hundreds of millions of potential visitors…my blog does too, I suppose, but more likely I’ll be found on FaceBook, actually…and the back ‘n’ forth linking raises the level of my profile on the internet.

Factoid #4:  Speaking of FaceBook…to see how to maximize one’s new FaceBook Timeline VO Brand page, check out Derek Chappell’s The Voice of Your Business.  He’s worked to add some  nice features, including the posting of his demos.

Factoid #5: Something you can now add to your FaceBook functionality is an embedded VOKLE player right on your page.  Not familiar with VOKLE? It’s in the same family as UStream, JustinTV and other “broadcast-yourself” sites.  Here’s a short tutorial on how to do that.  The word “broadcaster” takes on a whole new meaning!




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