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by | Sep 14, 2011 | Software

As a voice actor who frequently records long-format E-learning for clients who need the final product divided into many specifically-named files, Word2Wav is a Godsend.

Word2Wav is a document handler, DAW, and production organizer all wrapped-up into one program.  It seamlessly detects your audio chain inputs and acts as a full-featured audio-editor.  You upload your document into W2W, and the program takes the file names right from the content, and automatically names the file you output after you narrate and edit them.

Easy Peasy.

Hervé Chain, the designer and CEO of Word2Wav made a believer of my at VOICE2010, and I’ve been a faithful apostle ever since.   The software typically sells for $175 for the standard edition,  $295 for the professional version.

Wednesday, Hervé sent me the following message explaining a new pricing structure for those who may not need W2W very often:

Word2WAV just introduced a Pay-Per-Click license. 
If you know people who can use W2 but don’t believe they can justify a full license, 
we would appreciate your support in letting them know!

$75 will allow them record up to 1,000 files. 
They can take as long as they need to record them — There is no time limit.

And this 1,000-file limit is added to whatever is left from the 500-file Trial, 
so you they have up to 1,500 files available for their next project(s).

Once this limit has been reached, they can add one or several 1000-file segments for $35 each.

A $50 credit is available when they upgrade to a Professional or International license, 
or a $25 credit if they upgrade to a Standard license.

Any questions or comments, they can contact us at [email protected]

Record-Stop, Record-Stop, Record-Stop… And forget about naming these files!

This sounds like a pretty equitable solution either way.  If you just need it for a single-job…great!  If you like it so much you want to upgrade to a full version, you get a $50 credit.  Nice Hervé!






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