Wi-Fi Fiddling

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Technical, Technology, Web/Tech

Through what broadband configuration are you sending your big audiofiles?

How are you connecting on Skype?

That big Source Connect job?…is it getting hung up on your slow internet speed?

We all just put Wi-Fi in our home and forget it. Your upload/download speeds are probably working fine for most things, but if you’re connecting your VO studio computer through Wi-Fi, you could be choosing a slower speed than would be optimal.

If at all possible, put your DSL, Cable, or Satellite internet modem physically next to your studio computer.  Don’t connect through a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, rather ,route a Cat5 cable from the modem (or the access point router) directly into a network input jack from your motherboard (typically showing on the back of your computer).  The software re-configuration should be minimal.

For one of the best recent articles on tweaking your Wi-Fi, please read this LifeHacker story now:  TOP 10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR HOME WI-FI.

And an even more recent article from SoftwareHow.com:  https://www.softwarehow.com/best-home-wifi-extender/

(12-12-19 Update to another helpful site:  https://www.iptvinsider.com/improve-wifi-streaming/)

My favorite tip?  Set your router to re-boot on a schedule.




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