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Rarely a week goes by that I don’t get the question about what Voiceover coach to recommend.  That inevitably leads to the return question: “What kind of voice work do you want do to”. That’s right.  Specialization in VO coaching different genres of voiceover work is the norm now.  Not many excel in more than a handful of specialties.

VO Coach Name Game

I even hesitated to write this blog, because coaches are as competitive as talent, and in naming names, I always manage to leave someone out. Then there are hurt feelings, and I spend a lot of time making apologies and re-printing a longer list, which leaves someone else out, and it never ends.

If the seasoned pros among our community don't take the time to offer some help to the newcomers, then they'll end up on Fiverr, or in the clutches of VDC Click To Tweet

Do the Research

Ultimately, the coach you choose rests on your own research.  Do online searches, ask for referrals, hang out in forums where these questions are bandied about.  There are plenty of signs to tell the bad ones.  I’ve written about this a number of times…and here’s one of the best: 5 Ways to Spot Predatory VO Coaches.  If you were a photog, a writer, a graphics artist seeking instruction, you’d do the same thing.  Why not Voiceover?

And that’s why I get the referral question.  I appreciate the opportunity.  I really do.  If the seasoned pros among our community don’t take the time to offer some help to the newcomers, then they’ll end up on Fiverr, or in the clutches of VDC, and then we’ve cut off our own nose to spite our face.

So, right here and now, I’m going to make a bold referral.  I’m going to name one individual.  He’s a film & TV actor, an ex-broadcaster, an audiobook narrator, a promo guy, a commercial voice actor, a techie, an excellent all-around talent, graduate of the school of hard knocks, and trial-and-error veteran.

I think he’s actually a rather reluctant coach, and that’s what makes his schpiel so believable and unobtrusive.  He admits he doesn’t have all the answers, but you still come away with a treasure-trove of usable advice.

Are there other good coaches besides this guy?  Absolutely!  Maybe I’ll write a blog about them, too…but for now, THIS guy has a really great series of lessons with appropriate Holiday pricing.  And before you ever buy anything, you get a whole bunch of free coaching.  After that, you can walk away if you want.

David H. Lawrence XVII is no rookie.  He’s been coaching for years as he also works in the VO business. I’ve watched his progress, sampled his courses, and even done some one-on-0ne with him.  His stuff is even better than ever.  The free sessions are video recordings he’s made with great nuggets of wisdom in each one.  Those lessons are available right now.

Is this a program with an eventual “ask”?  Yes.  Lawrence has done an incredible amount of work to put this together, and in my view, it’s worth every cent. You can sign-up for the free stuff right now by clicking the link below.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE (and get some free training)

Registration for the real-deal series of lessons begins next week, so you can sample the kind of coach DHL XVII is now, and then decide for yourself if you want to continue.  There is special pricing, and early bird bonus for signing up…more on that in the days ahead.

Here’s a brief sample of the kind of stuff David talks about in the three free courses  you get just for clicking the link: 

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE (and get some free training)

  • How VO pros book more often
  • Booking skills for new VO talent
  • Lots of VO auditions, but no VO jobs?
  • One simple way to book more VO work
  • do this one thing right to raise your booking rate
  • Are you a VO dreamer or a VO doer
  • The right VO projects to audition for
  • Adding VO to your actinig portfolio
  • Tired as hell of auditioning and not booking?

And that’s just the first FREE  lesson.  Take in all three (free) for the heck of it.

That’s it.

David H Lawrence XVII (PM me to find out why he signs his name like that), but don’t miss this excellent resource if your a newbie, a mid-level VO talent, or a seasoned pro.  We all need new approaches and ideas. 

CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE (and get some free training)

I wouldn’t make this kind of recommendation unless I was confident it was a good deal.  Yes, I’m making a little bit on each referral.  It’s called affiliate marketing.  But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in the product.





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