Vocal Health

Vocal health tips and insights from the past decade of voice over work and multiple decades of experience on screen and on air.

Clearing Out the Crud

When your speaking apparatus is gunked-up… you can’t keep up your VO commitments so well. And Boy Howdy, this is the season for gunking! How many times have I seen anguished posts on social media groups begging anyone for quick-fix solutions that will... read more

My Monday Night Visitor

What day of the week would you say comes with the highest concentration of VO audition requests? Uh-huh.  Monday. Now, let me explain that my prime daypart for recording auditions is midnight to 3am.  Lately I’ve also adding 11am – 1pm after I rise, for... read more

Can I Clear My Throat, or Not?

Every 6 months I see my ENT Physician.  He clears the wax out of my ears, looks up my nose, mumbles something to his assistant, then sticks a camera scope down into my throat.  It’s mildly irritating, but THIS is why I mostly come every six months.  He says: ... read more

Forget SEO, It’s All About The Reader

Google is re-writing the rules of SEO. As a journalist, I kept hearing that Google “Authorship” was the new thing.  Then Steve Cunningham came along at FaffCon6 and blew the doors out. Cunningham is a professor at USC’s Thornton School of... read more

Soldiering On

Luckily it happened AFTER my holiday vacation. The common cold. Like most of you, it began with that “uh-oh” feeling you get, when alla sudden it hurts to swallow.  My wife — the RN — saw the white spots on my tonsils and diagnosed STREP!   One... read more

The Wet Stuff

This week, parts of the Las Vegas valley reached temperatures above 115°F. We’re kinda used to it. Many parts of the country, though, are breaking heat records right and left, making this probably the hottest Summer on recent record in the USA. I pity the folks... read more

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