Vocal Health

Clearing Out the Crud

When your speaking apparatus is gunked-up… you can’t keep up your VO commitments so well. And Boy Howdy, this is the season for gunking! How many times have I seen anguished posts on social media groups begging anyone for quick-fix solutions that will... read more

My Monday Night Visitor

What day of the week would you say comes with the highest concentration of VO audition requests? Uh-huh.  Monday. Now, let me explain that my prime daypart for recording auditions is midnight to 3am.  Lately I’ve also adding 11am – 1pm after I... read more

Can I Clear My Throat, or Not?

Every 6 months I see my ENT Physician.  He clears the wax out of my ears, looks up my nose, mumbles something to his assistant, then sticks a camera scope down into my throat.  It’s mildly irritating, but THIS is why I mostly come every six... read more

Forget SEO, It’s All About The Reader

Google is re-writing the rules of SEO. As a journalist, I kept hearing that Google “Authorship” was the new thing.  Then Steve Cunningham came along at FaffCon6 and blew the doors out. Cunningham is a professor at USC’s Thornton School of... read more

Soldiering On

Luckily it happened AFTER my holiday vacation. The common cold. Like most of you, it began with that “uh-oh” feeling you get, when alla sudden it hurts to swallow.  My wife — the RN — saw the white spots on my tonsils and diagnosed... read more

The Wet Stuff

This week, parts of the Las Vegas valley reached temperatures above 115°F. We’re kinda used to it. Many parts of the country, though, are breaking heat records right and left, making this probably the hottest Summer on recent record in the USA. I pity the... read more

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