Two nights ago, over 500 people listened in as members of a panel held a webinar on the State of the VO Industry.  Panelists were from WoVO, GVAA, and VOAA.  We barely scratched the surface, but all were amazingly of one mind:  we need to stand together as a voice over community and hold the line on rates.

Today, VOAA released the final cut of that hour-and-a-half session, and it’s below for you to see/hear.

An hour-and-a-half is a long time to sit and listen to anything.  But remember, hundreds were there paying attention, and asking questions all along.  In fact StateofTheIndustryWebinar is the .txt from the chat room during the webinar, which is actually full of gems by itself.

As mentioned yesterday in this blog; no one entering or toiling in this profession is alone.  We are a supportive, helpful, enabling community that wants the best for the profession.  Be aware and educated as to what’s going on.  Your actions affect others.




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