Sometimes I repost certain blogs from recent weeks/months to social media just to grab a few readers who might’ve missed the article first time ’round.

I did that yesterday with a little thing I wrote called “Too Many Coaches, Not Enough Mentors“.  It was a post born of frustration that the VO field is getting crowded with almost as many coaches as there are artists (OK, that’s an exaggeration).  Many of those coaches are not actors, but they’re great coaches.  More and more of those coaches, though, have a questionable pedigree for coaching VO, and I posited that maybe they’re just trying to augment their income from a supposed place of know-how, when what is really happening is their VO work isn’t paying the bills…so “Hey!…I’ll coach!”.  Hence, a crowded field of coaches who are filling a lot of hopefuls with stories of sacks of money being delivered at their door in no time at all!

That kinda calls into question whether they SHOULD be coaching…but I digress.

...includes some very erudite comments from some of the best VO coaches in the biz Click To Tweet

The post on my FB page started getting traction early in the day, and kept building (it might still be growing).  I was going to excerpt some of those comments, but I thought you might find it edifying to read the whole thing.  It kinda took on a life of it’s own with forays into Baseball and Basketball, but includes some very erudite comments from some of the best coaches in the biz.

You might actually learn something by taking a few mins to read it.

Here’s the link to the thread on my personal FB page:




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