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Wednesday WoVOChat: Social Media Marketing

'Giving plenty of notice on this one, 'cause you'll want to be there...especially if you've ever found yourself saying:  "I don't get Twitter."  --or--  "How do I find leads on LinkedIn?" Interestingly, we'll be using a successful social media community-making exercise (the Tweetchat) do discuss this topic (as we do every other week). In the last WoVOChat during our discussion on marketing we of course brushed up against this topic.  Now we're back to give it full treatment, although it's … [Read More...]


The Power of Video (Again)

Twice in one week.  I'm not a shill for Bob Merkel and VoiceZam...but I sure do like his style, innovation, and products. Earlier this week, I mentioned in my blog a little-known VoiceZam feature called ZamFusion: Bob Merkel's Best Kept Secret No More. Today, a quick note to point you to ANOTHER new feature to VoiceZam that Merkel just rolled out...although it's not a big secret, 'cause it's been in Beta for some time.  VIDEO.  Add video vignettes with your voice to your demo player.  If you … [Read More...]


The 7 Most Overlooked Daily Habits of Successful Voice Actors

Isn't it funny the stuff you pick up from your acting assignments sometimes? My inspiration for this blog article actually came from an E-Learning module I was reading yesterday. The script used the old adage "can't see the forest for the trees" to make a point for the presentation being developed.  As the analogy played-out in the copy, I began to appreciate the wisdom of it, and thought how timely it would be to adapt the theme for the day-to-day life of voice-actors. So, at the risk of … [Read More...]

"On Air" sign.

Red Flags for the “New” Broadcast Rates

"Broadcast" (Radio & TV) compensation rates seemed set in stone for years.  That's because for decades there was relative stasis in the industry.  Broadcast was a cash cow that benefited most everyone involved...including freelance voice-actors.  Even though many voice actors back then (or now) were not union members, AFTRA expected it's members to hold to the line on it's published broadcast rates.  It was a threshold of pay that still sets a standard today.  Those familiar with the … [Read More...]


Bob Merkel’s Best-Kept Secret No More: ZamFusion

Seeing Bob Merkel at WoVOCon only reminded me that I'd been promising for some time to create a blog article about a little-known feature built into VoiceZam: ZamFusion. Bob's been so busy developing StraightShot, and Video functionality, and other great features into VoiceZam, that he's fallen behind in letting people know about this other handy service integrated into VZ for a great price. Rather than writing about it...I composed this little video walking you through the ZamFusion … [Read More...]

VO Social Media

WoVOChat results

Marketing #Wovochat Results

Doncha just love these chats?   So much great and free information from some knowledgeable VO pros. My thanks to Amy Farris and Christi Bowen for their keen insights on this topic of marketing.  … [Read More...]

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P2P SlideShare

Are you familiar with SlideShare? Acquired by LinkedIn not that long ago, SlideShare is an online service that lets you share your presentations.  Upload or download in almost any format  (Keynote, … [Read More...]


Predatory Coaches and Demo Mills

Yin/Yang Right there are two incendiary terms.  They don't always go hand in hand, but they rarely tell a positive story.  Oddly enough, not everyone agrees on who is or who is NOT a predatory … [Read More...]

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Not Your Grandfather’s SEO

Search Engine it even do-able anymore?  Can any ONE person try to mount it on their own without hiring some specialist?  And how to you vet that person?  What do you even ask them?  … [Read More...]

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Next-Gen Broadcasting

The "studio" was hard to find.  My host told me by cell phone to look for a side-street, then up a dirt ramp...behind a portable office, around the batting cage, and over by the … [Read More...]


Besides Death and Taxes…

...not much else in this world is certain. People with something to sell you would like you to believe that this product, or that method is the ONLY way to satisfy your needs.  … [Read More...]

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Downtime? What’s That?

Sure there are days when you don’t record at the mic…but that does NOT constitute a wasted day. Lately, I’ve been hearing from more than one corner, the frustration that comes … [Read More...]

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Who’s heard of this site?  It appears to be one of those new-wave online authoring sites like Medium.  I would have no idea it existed but for a Google Alert that flagged an article on io9:  Why Announcers’ Voices Sound So Much Different Than They Used To. The author points to an answer by a […]

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FOMO Frustrations

March was a challenge if  you're afflicted with FOMO (fear or missing out). VO Atlanta, and FaffCamp two weekends in a row, and I was at home sitting on my hands...or rather … [Read More...]



Since 2007, I figure I've attended some 20 voiceover conferences.  Yeah...crazy isn't it?  I counted it up on my fingers three times just to be sure.  I'd agree with you if you … [Read More...]

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goldfish jumping out of the water

On Our Way to 500

What is the mark of success for ANY organization?  Many would tell you that hard numbers or accumulation of many members is important; but that doesn't tell the whole story.  It's … [Read More...]

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