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Rates, Compensation, Pay

Is there any topic of more interest to voice-actors, or ANY freelancer for that matter? I'm not buying the fact that some people are totally at ease with the rate they ask for and the rate they get.  I think ALL voice-actors have some level of anxiety, frustration, and insecurity about their pay. This blog will not attempt to answer that angst, but WoVO's next TweetChat will. As you know by now, World-Voices Organization sponsors an hour-long Twitter Chat every other Wednesday at noon Pacific … [Read More...]


The Truth About Social Media for Voice Actors, Part 2

INFO OVERLOAD? You would be hard-pressed to OVERstate the impact of information and content sharing -- through the internet -- on voice acting today. Many things about the internet have changed our business permanently, and most would say:  for the better.  The free exchange of info -- of every conceivable shape and form -- is part of that "better". That's true not just informational websites, or blogs (more on that later)...but especially  of Social Media sites, the true catalyst.  On … [Read More...]


The Truth About Social Media for Voice Actors

Social Media should not be stressful. This issue brings more questions to my door than any other. The question usually takes the form of: How much time should I spend on Social Media? Should I be on ALL the networks?  If no, which ones SHOULD I be on? Should Social Media be part of my marketing plan? What should I be getting out of Social Media? I don’t get Twitter, should I be on that network? How do I approach Social Media? I don’t get FaceBook or Twitter, but I’m afraid I’m missing … [Read More...]


On a Scale of…

Online businesses are feedback crazy. I understand the need for follow-up, customer service, and keeping metrics as much as the next guy, but I'm noticing follow-up survey overload lately.  You? An innocent call to AT&T so you can recover your voicemail password results in an immediate email to your primary account that asks you to take "just 5 minutes" to provide insight into " we handled your call..." Inquire for help on your new CRM software, and that same day, there's a query … [Read More...]


Not to Beat a Dead Horse…but…

Vodafone -- a global telephony, wireless, and  VOIP provider, esp. in Europe, is pulling the plug on its ISDN service in Netherlands. Here's the announcement from the Wireless Federation. According to Vietnam-era dominos theory logic: if the Netherlands falls to the ISDN axe, can Estonia and Luxembourg be far behind?  I kid, but the operative point here, is that Vodafone is no small connectivity player, and the fact that they're paying attention to ISDN subscriber usage falling off, is … [Read More...]

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WoVOChat, Down Pat

You didn't have time to join us yesterday for our little social media scrum?  Well, we missed you, and we had lots of fun. Luckily, because of the awesome content marketing talents of our moderator, … [Read More...]


WoVO Twitter Chat Today

Noon Pacific Time, Wed., 1-14-15 We're using #WoVOChat as our hashtag, so just track us that way with a search for #wovochat on your Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, or whatever you use for Twitter. We … [Read More...]


WoVOChat #2

Yup...every two weeks, we just have too much fun jumping onto Twitter and goin' to town! I'm just letting you know so you can get prepared for Wednesday at noon Pacific Time. Since these are … [Read More...]

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Sound Newsletters

My mailbox fills with plenty of stuff everyday.  Some of it gets automatically deleted...others get only a cursory look...and a good many are important - deserving more time. Among those in the … [Read More...]


Black Friday VO Special

EVERY ONCE IN A GREAT never, I'll openly endorse -- even sell -- something on this blog I think will have good value to the voice-over community. This is one of those … [Read More...]

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Source Connect Updates

Sometimes you just hafta sally forth and ask, instead of sitting around waiting for answers to come to you. So...I asked.  I asked Rebekah Wilson of Source-Elements about the Holiday flyer she sent … [Read More...]


The Latest!… ipDTL Beta

My sites are set squarely on CES today. 'Almost embarrassing that a Vegas geek like me hasn't set foot on the exhibit floor until the third day! My planned stops include Blue Microphones, Shure, … [Read More...]

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2015 Will Shine!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ever the optimist, I can't help but be excited about the new year.I know it's just "another" day, week,'s also a symbolic new beginning. May … [Read More...]

Sphere made of numbers on white background

In Your Heart… know what has to be done. In just a few days, everyone will dust off 2014 and turn towards 2015.  It's a symbolic time of renewal, but we also know January can be … [Read More...]

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CES2015 in 2:10

Got a minute? couple of minutes? The technology, planning, and marketing behind a show like CES is beyond imagination.  It all comes together for 4 days in the … [Read More...]

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101 For Aspiring Video Game Voice-Actors

This is a side of voice-acting I haven’t tried for.  Should I?  I know Brad Venable and DB Cooper (and many others) thrive on the work they find in video games.  It’s not like I wouldn’t want to…it’s just that like launching into ANY new genre, I don’t know where to start…where to find the […]

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Pressing On

There's no doubt I suffer a deflation in January.  The build-up to the Christmas and New Year's holidays are so expectant, that you can't help but feel a loss come January.  … [Read More...]


CourVO on WoVO

Apologies in advance if you're tired of me spouting off about World-Voices Organization (WoVO).  Here's why I do that: I'm a founder and an officer on the board of directors … [Read More...]

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Twitter Triumph

Many voice actors I know don't get Twitter, and won't go there.  I get it.  No pressure.  Sometimes the plate is already full. But like most challenges, the mental mountain you … [Read More...]


Media Realities

Have I mentioned that the TV station I work for as a news anchorman has been sold?  Little wonder.  We were a one-station group.  Now we're part of a media holding company that … [Read More...]

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