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TwitterChat Wednesday

Which new ideas are future staples, and which ones are just fads? MySpace sure was popular for a while there.  Google Glass looked unbeatable. Now?....not so much. We don't know the future.  We only have hunches, analysis, ROI, and the myopic view of cultural swells to go by.  When I first read about Twitter in WIRED magazine in 2007, I thought "...what a ridiculous name...!" TWITTER'S PROMISE Twitter may yet fail spectacularly, but for the time being, it's entrenched in the global culture.  … [Read More...]


Too Good Not to Share

First: A hearty good day to my regular visitors!  I do NOT take you for granted... and the fact that you spend a little time most days to read my missives is hugely encouraging to me.... and a special thanks to Dog & Pony Studio's John McClain for one of those encouragements.  John is one of those scary smart guys who is equally adept as a talent and an audio engineer. I was talking to John and other voice-talents in a Las Vegas Christmas meet-up of voice-actors last night.  How … [Read More...]

Start Your Own Radio Station

Remember yesterday how I was talking about big changes afoot in broadcasting due to the disruptive nature of the internet?  (see: MEDIA REALITIES) The history of radio shows us there are ways to survive this sea-change.  When TV came along, radio didn't go away.  It just morphed, and fit itself into niches where it could find an audience and advertiser dollars.  That transformation continues today, only with fewer people and tighter budgets.  TV will survive this revolution also, but it won't … [Read More...]


Media Realities

Have I mentioned that the TV station I work for as a news anchorman has been sold?  Little wonder.  We were a one-station group.  Now we're part of a media holding company that owns 110 TV stations.  Listening to the founder and CEO in a staff meeting Tuesday clued me in to the revenue streams that are keeping TV stations afloat...and it's not all Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  It's digital content. That's the new reality...and unless you keep up with these trends, you may miss some … [Read More...]


Bottom Line? Go For the Top Line!

  One of the most hackneyed phrases ubiquitous to popular culture: "Bottom line?". As in, for example:  "The bottom line is that Nevada mining companies are already paying enough taxes." It's right up there with: "you know" "like" "...I know, right?" saying "A" or "first", but never listing a "B" or "secondly". I'm sure you have your pet peeve wasted English euphemisms too, but what scares me about the acceptance of "bottom line" is that it's a default fallback; the minimally … [Read More...]

VO Social Media


Ya Gotta Draw The Line Somewhere

#1 Question I get from people at VO conferences and events: "When do you sleep?" What they really mean is..."I don't have enough time in the day to be present on all those social media sites, and do … [Read More...]


R.I.P. Voice-Over FB Group

Social Media can be a huge time waster, and/or an incredible resource.  You hold the key to which it will be. A lot of voice actors seem befuddled by Twitter.  Many more are ON FaceBook, but seem … [Read More...]

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VO Education


Sound Newsletters

My mailbox fills with plenty of stuff everyday.  Some of it gets automatically deleted...others get only a cursory look...and a good many are important - deserving more time. Among those in the … [Read More...]


Black Friday VO Special

EVERY ONCE IN A GREAT never, I'll openly endorse -- even sell -- something on this blog I think will have good value to the voice-over community. This is one of those … [Read More...]

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VO Tools


Frustrated with i-Lok?

Maybe you're absolutely satisfied with the anti-piracy technology known as i-Lok.  If so, you're one of a disappearing breed. The dizzying hoops you have to jump through in credentialing your … [Read More...]

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The Fullness of Life

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Origins of the word and the image of the cornucopia go back to Greek and Roman Mythology. But over time, meaning of the Horn 'o Plenty has never … [Read More...]

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VO Business


Chapter 40

About this time of year, you should be thinking about calling in all your markers.  By that I mean, it's kinda nice to be paid in 2014 for the work you've done in 2014. Some … [Read More...]


Change Your Mental VO Calendar

Why do the days seem to drag by, but the years FLY by? December 1st of any year is usually a reality check or a time to panic, unless you're an incredibly pragmatic planner.  … [Read More...]

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HuffPo on VO

Print publication coverage of the voice-over business is usually lame…even online (which is where “print” is going). Typically, it’s some thinly veiled promotion for a local VO workshop in the guise of a factual article. TV news does this too…which shows the power of today’s “News Release”, or video PR release.  It’s also called:  “journalists […]

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CourVO on WoVO

Apologies in advance if you're tired of me spouting off about World-Voices Organization (WoVO).  Here's why I do that: I'm a founder and an officer on the board of directors … [Read More...]


Oh, I Wish!

This is probably not going to happen for me, but maybe you could still make it! VOXMAS! The UK's premiere voice-over conference (VOX) is next May, but in just a few weeks, the … [Read More...]

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Are You a Pro? How Do You Know?

You may think that's an elementary question.  There are plenty of arguments you could make to claim legitimacy as a professional voice actor. For instance, you might say you're a … [Read More...]


Weekend Deadline

Yesterday brought a flood of responses to my announcement about merging my FaceBook Voice-Over Friends group into Terry Daniels' Voice-Over Pros Place FaceBook group. The reaction … [Read More...]

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