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More than just a voice by Dave Courvoisier

Book Blessings

The last 36 hours have been an exceptional time in my life.  Not only did I realize a dream, but I was supported in so many wonderful ways by the Voiceover community. Thank You so much! Aside from a few follow-up posts, I'll be heading back to a more normal regimen of blog posts from now on, but with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing for Voice Actors.  That's my next book, and yes, it's already in the works! If you've purchased my book either on Kindle or in print from Amazon, I can't … [Read More...]

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Ya Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere

#1 Question I get from people at VO Social Media seminars: "When do you sleep?" What they really mean is..."I don't have enough time in the day to be present on all those social media sites, and … [Read More...]


Invisible on Twitter

Twitter is like coffee.  One study claims it's bad for you, and the next study says you really need it to get along in this world. Personally, I like Twitter, but I'm willing to admit I'm not using … [Read More...]

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amanda clarke-a


Sorry for the horrid misspelling.  Did it bring you this far?  Good...then read on. Today's article is a guest blog provided by Amanda Clarke of GlocMedia- a UK digital marketing agency.  They work … [Read More...]

attention span

Short Messages for Busy People

Attention spans are beyond short.  These days they're miniscule. The teenage generation of today doesn't even use email.  According to the Pew Research Center, only 6% of teens exchange email … [Read More...]

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VOX Talk Returns

Podcasting is here to stay... stronger than ever in most sectors.  At the last New Media Expo I attended, podcasters dominated the sessions...even garnering the attention of the audiobook … [Read More...]


Ever Heard of “SIP”?

Well, I hadn't if you're like me, then you're about to learn something more about the demise of ISDN. You may or may not know that throughout most of Europe, ISDN had an earlier … [Read More...]

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What’s Going On Out There?

That's the question posed to me more than once from Las Vegas news viewers this week. In case you haven't heard, two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officers were shot point-blank … [Read More...]

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Thank You!!!

What a day was Tuesday!!...capped-off by losing my internet at home before I could blog. Now on my iPhone. Thanks go out to the entire community of giving voice-actors to whom my … [Read More...]


How MTJAV Came to Be

For the last 10 months-or-so, I just got tired of writing "More Than Just a Voice" in all the preparation materials as I communicated back-n-forth with my Virtual Assistant Diana … [Read More...]

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YouTube Bulks Up

The hottest online video site in the Milky Way…the second biggest search engine on the planet…the world’s de facto TV station is getting better. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it till I’m red in the face:  Voice Actors cannot ignore the value of video in their marketing. The fact that Google owns YouTube […]

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How Could You NOT Notice…

...all the great things Edge Studio is doing...and doing...and doing? Their programs, the coaches, the national tour by founder/VO expert David Goldberg.  Not to mention an … [Read More...]


This One Time…at Band Camp…

... only it wasn't Band Camp. It was FaffCamp. I've attended 4 of 6 FaffCon Unconferences, but somehow the inaugural FaffCamp slipped through my fingers. I've always regretted … [Read More...]

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