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Maybe you're above this. Perhaps SAG-AFTRA recommends you bypass this, or could be you're just lost when it comes to this... but Craigslist is more and more proving to be a valid source for VO work IFF: you know how to use it you have the time you are patient My "CRACKIING CRAIGSLIST" blog from 2012 was by far and away the most read article I ever posted.  Some of the tips in that article are still pertinent today. I talk to many an accomplished voice-actor who reassure me that - yes - … [Read More...]



File this under:  "the client really doesn't know what she/he wants". ...They just know what they DON'T want...and the popular Nazi-delivery du jour is "announcery".  We talked about this before.  Announcers are the zombies of the voice-over world.  Dead, but still moving and seeking sustenance.  Please see my blog about how unfair that is, here:  ANNOUNCER DISCRIMINATION! But I digress.  If they DON'T want announcery, chances are the client is including "be more conversational" in their … [Read More...]


Harvest Time

Lots of this going on in Southern Illinois these days. Combining (KOM-bining) the soybeans and corn. The machine is called a "combine" because it combines the harvesting work done in the past by 3 machines or more - all in one REALLY expensive contraption. In the midst of it all, some strikingly beautiful late Summer colors. Asian Honeysuckle and abundant Marigolds. ...and hard to beat this idyllic scene: CourVO … [Read More...]


In Missouri…

....they know how to make pick-up trucks useful. (shot in a grocery store parking lot) [in case you can't tell...or don't know -- they're wooden duck decoys] ...for use on the river. (ahem) The mighty Miss. CourVO … [Read More...]

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R.I.P. Voice-Over FB Group

Social Media can be a huge time waster, and/or an incredible resource.  You hold the key to which it will be. A lot of voice actors seem befuddled by Twitter.  Many more are ON FaceBook, but seem … [Read More...]


Weekend Deadline

Yesterday brought a flood of responses to my announcement about merging my FaceBook Voice-Over Friends group into Terry Daniels' Voice-Over Pros Place FaceBook group. The reaction was almost … [Read More...]



My philosophy about social media, the marketplace, and opportunity is that there is always room for one more.  In that environment, though, success depends on many variables. ...a little … [Read More...]

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15+ Dialects Sites

English is the only language I speak.  Sure, I'm jealous of my VO friends who speak two or more languages...they're more marketable...but I still feel like I'm learning English! So how hard can it be … [Read More...]


“You know, I used to be a….”

Never.  Never have I run across a voice-actor who began life as a voice-actor.  Everyone came to the profession from somewhere else.  A good many began in broadcasting...especially radio.  Some from … [Read More...]

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Podcast Possibilities

What is a 60-something guy doing hip-deep in social media?  I'm not a Gen-X'er, nor a Gen-Y'er...nor a Millenial...not EVEN. Keeping up with tech-trends and new gizmos is a young person's game.  … [Read More...]

best deal

Tech Stuff Too Good to Miss

My email runneth over! For some reason a bunch of stuff appeared in my inbox Stuff that's just too good to miss.  Maybe you got it too...but just in case, here's the short … [Read More...]

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About this time of year my wife and I start really missing the change of seasons. In Vegas, the Summer heat goes away, but you can't really say Autumn expresses its full blush in … [Read More...]

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Visual. Video. You Know…Moving Pictures.

Voice.  OVER. Guess what?…what you’re voicing OVER is almost always video…some sort of visual presentation.  Of course, you make it complete with your voice (wink, wink), but since we humans are mega-optically gifted and sensitized… the message you bring is the window dressing to what people are SEEING (hate to break it to ya, but […]

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FaffCon Demystified

A few thoughts about Tucson's unconference, and then I'll move on.  I know the tsunami of pictures, posted alongside laments that: " ended too soon!"...or: "...FaffCon … [Read More...]

2014-09-21 18.22.30 HDR

Tired & Inspired

By now, you're familiar with the thrum of swelling accolades following the most recent FaffCon.  Perhaps you've contributed to the enthusiastic thread of pictures and superlatives … [Read More...]

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Spanish Moves

People wonder why we named the new VoiceOver Industry Trade Association World-Voices Organization.  We knew the world was getting smaller, and the global voice-over community was … [Read More...]

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