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Faffcon 7 Begins

Not even Amy knows how many lives she's touched nor how many livelihoods she's secured for others in the many selfless acts of Faffcon. Thanks for all you've done and continue to do for so many! Courvo … [Read More...]


All Is Ready

Some came early, some late...but everyone came ready. I first met my online friend Derek Chappell at Faffcon2 in Atlanta. He told me tonight he felt like such a newbie back then. Now, smarter, better coached, more connected, and a recognized Social Media maven.... Derek has more than earned his place at the table. He hasn't made every Faffcon in person, but was its biggest supporter over the years through his aggregation of all the tweets and Facebook posts during the event. Once again this … [Read More...]

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Why You Should Avoid FaffCon

Where do I start?  How much time do you have? The DEPTH of my dissatisfaction is unplumbed! OK, probably the best way to handle this is with a list, so here goes: FafffCon events are always held in terrible locations The attendees are insufferable bores There are no activities The whole thing is organizational chaos No one gets along The energy is just....wrong After-hour events are dull All the same old stuff gets re-hashed People can't wait to leave Egos run rampant Competition … [Read More...]


Visual. Video. You Know…Moving Pictures.

Voice.  OVER. Guess what?...what you're voicing OVER is almost always video...some sort of visual presentation.  Of course, you make it complete with your voice (wink, wink), but since we humans are mega-optically gifted and sensitized... the message you bring is the window dressing to what people are SEEING (hate to break it to ya, but your voice is NOT the big draw...not usually). OK, so then here's the thing:  If video is SO big (YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world), … [Read More...]


Time to Retool?

Personally, I'm never too comfortable with the word "success".  That means I've arrived, and that implies a certain stoppage of progress.  If you've "arrived"...then where do you go from there? [Well, I'm not opposed to stopping briefly to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor, but in my mind it's never good to stay there too long.] The other school of thought is that the successful person who has arrived shows stability, maturity, dependability, and some people (clients?) like to put you in a … [Read More...]

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Two Months

Voice actors are not alone.  We simultaneously revile and revel in Social Media, just like everybody else on the planet. This whole thing with celebrity photos being hacked off iCloud...and the scare … [Read More...]


Are You “Managing” Your Content?

The new darling catch-phrase on the lips of savvy marketers and "online experts" these days is CONTENT MANAGEMENT. A professional "content manager" must be the most coveted position in the pantheon … [Read More...]


Respect Others’ Time

The older I get the less time I have for frivolous; especially in emails, and emails from perfect strangers. Now, I understand "frivolous" means different things to different people, so let's apply … [Read More...]

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My Battle With “It”

It's a darn shame, doncha think? So tell me...what does the "it" refer to in the sentence above? It's crazy isn't it? (same question) "IT" has become the most overused, misunderstood, misused … [Read More...]

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AudioTX Rebirth

When I first got into ISDN, I connected through AudioTX.  Not that many people are familiar with it.  AudioTX is a UK firm with a 14-yr track record in connectivity.  The equipment is nothing like a … [Read More...]


The “Other” Voiceover

Years ago, I was lamenting (complaining, really) that Apple chose the word "voiceover" for the voice command functions on the iOS devices.  It just made searching for topics in our industry much less … [Read More...]

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Announcer Discrimination!

[Prologue: In my closet, I have a special section for storing thin ties, Angel's Flight pants, and Nehru jackets.  As fashion trends go... they'll be back.  I'm sure they'll come … [Read More...]


Why Loyalty Matters

Tuesday, Apple will be making some big announcements.  There will be some new iPhone models, a new iOS, maybe a smartwatch to be revealed.  Then Tim Cook will  offer at least one … [Read More...]

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Spanish Moves

People wonder why we named the new VoiceOver Industry Trade Association World-Voices Organization.  We knew the world was getting smaller, and the global voice-over community was finding its collective consciousness. Just days ago, I wrote of Simone Fojgiel’s passion for uniting the Spanish-speaking community.  See: SIMONE STANDS UP. Simone is now translating our WoVO newsletter […]

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How Could You NOT Notice…

...all the great things Edge Studio is doing...and doing...and doing? Their programs, the coaches, the national tour by founder/VO expert David Goldberg.  Not to mention an … [Read More...]


This One Time…at Band Camp…

... only it wasn't Band Camp. It was FaffCamp. I've attended 4 of 6 FaffCon Unconferences, but somehow the inaugural FaffCamp slipped through my fingers. I've always regretted … [Read More...]

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Truth in Headshots

Embarrassingly, in February of this year, while speaking at Bill DeWees' VO Revolution workshop -- I came in after a previous speaker, and told the attendees the exact opposite of … [Read More...]


Simone Stands Up

Think about how people or brands show up on your radar.  Marketing wisdom says it takes 7-10 "exposures" for people to even recognize that you or your business exists. Other … [Read More...]

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