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For VO’s — Only This Weekend

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE BOTH DEALS!!! Bill DeWees' Most ExcellentBlack Friday Sale Just mentioned in my blog a couple of days ago, Bill is making a treasure trove of his voice-overtraining material available only through Sunday at an incredible price.  Bill says his offer: “…contains programs whose value exceeds $1500 and sells for $297 from next Friday through Sunday…”Click here to start the next step in yourvoice-over career with Bill … [Read More...]


The Fullness of Life

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Origins of the word and the image of the cornucopia go back to Greek and Roman Mythology. But over time, meaning of the Horn 'o Plenty has never wavered: Harvest - Prosperity - Abundance When Thanksgiving rolls around, I'm reminded of the FULLNESS of life...and I don't mean money. Relationships and love make my life abundant, and you're a part of that. I'm blessed beyond what I deserve and that's Grace. May a harvest of prosperity be upon you and your family and … [Read More...]


Black Friday VO Special

EVERY ONCE IN A GREAT never, I'll openly endorse -- even sell -- something on this blog I think will have good value to the voice-over community. This is one of those times. Most of you know of Bill DeWees.  I write a blog.  He video blogs.  His video messages are so full of just good ole common-sense advice on the BUSINESS of voice-overs, that I agreed to spread the word when he asked if I could let my readers know about something he's offering this holiday. Bill asked … [Read More...]


CourVO on WoVO

Apologies in advance if you're tired of me spouting off about World-Voices Organization (WoVO).  Here's why I do that: I'm a founder and an officer on the board of directors (proud of WoVO) WoVO's mission is worth supporting Voice actors deserve to have a true Industry Trade Association representing their needs and concerns Big things are happening! More big things are planned for 2015! For instance, major internal organizational decisions involving our presence on the web, in your … [Read More...]


HuffPo on VO

Print publication coverage of the voice-over business is usually lame...even online (which is where "print" is going). Typically, it's some thinly veiled promotion for a local VO workshop in the guise of a factual article. TV news does this too...which shows the power of today's "News Release", or video PR release.  It's also called:  "journalists being lazy".  It's just easier to take the info sent to you by an advertising or PR firm, and modify it slightly so you can call it a news … [Read More...]

VO Social Media


Ya Gotta Draw The Line Somewhere

#1 Question I get from people at VO conferences and events: "When do you sleep?" What they really mean is..."I don't have enough time in the day to be present on all those social media sites, and do … [Read More...]


R.I.P. Voice-Over FB Group

Social Media can be a huge time waster, and/or an incredible resource.  You hold the key to which it will be. A lot of voice actors seem befuddled by Twitter.  Many more are ON FaceBook, but seem … [Read More...]

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VO Education


15+ Dialects Sites

English is the only language I speak.  Sure, I'm jealous of my VO friends who speak two or more languages...they're more marketable...but I still feel like I'm learning English! So how hard can it be … [Read More...]


“You know, I used to be a….”

Never.  Never have I run across a voice-actor who began life as a voice-actor.  Everyone came to the profession from somewhere else.  A good many began in broadcasting...especially radio.  Some from … [Read More...]

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VO Tools



This'll be brief. Info in today's blog relates back specifically to yesterday's blog (Lobbing the Grenade Into No-No Land). What I'm about to reveal harkens back even further to any number of … [Read More...]


More ISDN Death Knell Predictions?

Just a few days ago, I posted a quick blog about Telos' Z/IP product.  More than just an ISDN codec, it also has IP functionality built-in.  My point in writing about it was that here is one of the … [Read More...]

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Continuing the Conversation…

Seems like I'm not the only one who's had their sensibilities tweaked by the ubiquitous presence of the word "conversational" in audition directions from the agent/client/producer … [Read More...]

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VO Business


5 End-of-Year VO Reminders

Holiday "creep" is upon us...and it starts sooner every year.  Sheesh, WalMart had Christmas trees up at the end of July! Why is it that the days seem to drag on and on...but the … [Read More...]

split personality

6 Realities of Working 2 Jobs

How many voice-actors do you know who graduated from State U with a major in voice-acting? I thought so. Ok, many voice-actors do you know who earned their degree in … [Read More...]

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VO Niches


Visual. Video. You Know…Moving Pictures.

Voice.  OVER. Guess what?…what you’re voicing OVER is almost always video…some sort of visual presentation.  Of course, you make it complete with your voice (wink, wink), but since we humans are mega-optically gifted and sensitized… the message you bring is the window dressing to what people are SEEING (hate to break it to ya, but […]

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Oh, I Wish!

This is probably not going to happen for me, but maybe you could still make it! VOXMAS! The UK's premiere voice-over conference (VOX) is next May, but in just a few weeks, the … [Read More...]



About this time of year my wife and I start really missing the change of seasons. In Vegas, the Summer heat goes away, but you can't really say Autumn expresses its full blush in … [Read More...]

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Weekend Deadline

Yesterday brought a flood of responses to my announcement about merging my FaceBook Voice-Over Friends group into Terry Daniels' Voice-Over Pros Place FaceBook group. The reaction … [Read More...]

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