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P2P SlideShare

Are you familiar with SlideShare? Acquired by LinkedIn not that long ago, SlideShare is an online service that lets you share your presentations.  Upload or download in almost any format  (Keynote, PowerPoint, etc), and share to almost anywhere.  The free service is actually pretty full-featured...and there are various levels of membership with concomitant price and functionality differences. Think of it as a YouTube for presentations.  And, like YouTube, you can now actually create native … [Read More...]


Should a Mic “Look” Good?

Have you ever heard a voice actor remark:  ", that's a suh-weet lookin' mic!!!" ?? Purists and audio engineers are gonna hate me for this one...much the same way car salesmen love car buyers.   Why?  Because car buyers rely entirely to much on the way a car "looks" rather than the quality of the mechanism. But don't EVEN tell me the criteria that a mic-has-to-look-good never crosses your mind...'cause I KNOW it does.  Some believe we should only buy mics that sound good, not because they … [Read More...]


Canadian/Spanish Connection

Why are there Mexican restaurants, but no Canadian restaurants?  While you ponder that, please pass along the message in this blog to your Spanish-speaking VO friends.  I chose not to send this to individuals, 'cause I have just too many voice-actor friends who do Spanish, and I wanted to be egalitarian about it. My friend and Calgary-based voice-actor Paul Boucher is putting out this call: "Hi VO pros. A good eLearning client of mine here in Canada is looking for Spanish VO talent. They're … [Read More...]


Results of Exhaustive WoVO Chat Today on P2P’s

Today's #WoVOChat on the topic of online casting sites, or P2P's was so full of information, and lacked any rancor. Many of the attendees from all walks of VO contributed some invaluable suggestions that bubbled over into a worthy discussion on many aspects of  the subscription sites. Frustrated with how to make P2P's work for you? Point them to this Storify record of the hour-long stream of consciousness.  It's packed with good … [Read More...]


WoVOChat Today: Online VO Casting Sites

TweetChats are fun, educational, community-building events that can also get to the heart of things 140 characters at a time. At noon Pacific time today, Wed., 2-25-15 World-Voices Organization will host a TweetChat on the topic of P2P's, subscription sites, online casting sites.  Call them what you will, they are the subject of constant discussion, and we'll be adding to that conversation today. Park yourself in front of your Hootsuite or TweetDeck screen at noon PST today, set up a search … [Read More...]

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Next #WoVOChat: Pay-to-Plays

Given the high participation in almost any online discussion about online casting sites, we expect this week's #WoVOChat to be a barn-burner! In just the last week, a thread on the FaceBook Group … [Read More...]


Tons of Info!

Today's #WoVOChat on the topic of predatory coaches/demo mills overflowed with great information. All of the attendees contributed some invaluable suggestions that bubbled over into a worthy … [Read More...]

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Predatory Coaches and Demo Mills

Yin/Yang Right there are two incendiary terms.  They don't always go hand in hand, but they rarely tell a positive story.  Oddly enough, not everyone agrees on who is or who is NOT a predatory … [Read More...]


Let’s Get Dialectic

Many voice actors think that you're either gifted with the ability to do dialects or you're not.  I suppose it's true that some might grasp the nuances of dialects faster than others.  But that's also … [Read More...]

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zoom iQ6_2

Zoom IQ6

Everybody's got an idea of what makes (for them) the perfect recording solution for "on the road".  Funny, it's that way for home studios too! In either case, you've got to find what works for you … [Read More...]

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Let’s Chat About Rates

Voice actors are known for their supportive and enabling acts of kindness.  As a community, most other freelance professionals don't come close.  But in one realm, voiceover … [Read More...]

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video games

101 For Aspiring Video Game Voice-Actors

This is a side of voice-acting I haven’t tried for.  Should I?  I know Brad Venable and DB Cooper (and many others) thrive on the work they find in video games.  It’s not like I wouldn’t want to…it’s just that like launching into ANY new genre, I don’t know where to start…where to find the […]

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lg flex

CES2015 in 2:10

Got a minute? couple of minutes? The technology, planning, and marketing behind a show like CES is beyond imagination.  It all comes together for 4 days in the … [Read More...]


Pressing On

There's no doubt I suffer a deflation in January.  The build-up to the Christmas and New Year's holidays are so expectant, that you can't help but feel a loss come January.  … [Read More...]

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