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Please don't take this the wrong way.  In my home town I'm recognized everywhere.  Only in Las Vegas, but that's where I am 99% of the time, so wherever I go, people point and smile with a knowing nod.  It's inescapable.As a TV personality, I'm also inescapably linked to -- and am representative of -- KLAS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas.  My face is my passport.  I front the news, therefore I speak for the station, and wherever I appear, I represent the face OF the station.  This is … [Read More...]

WoVOChat results

#WoVOChat Results: Agents

Usually we have two guest expert on our WoVOChats, 'cause the reparté can get very busy.But ole "Fast Fingas Umberger" was able to handle the pace just fine own today, thankyou!Our topic was agents, and agency representation.  That's a voluminous area, but Jeffrey Umberger was definitely up to the task.  He's seasoned, savvy, and seriously on top of his game.Most of the usual suspects showed up to chat, and we welcomed a few newbies to our chatroom.  We're growing!Pamela Muldoon is our … [Read More...]


#WoVOChat Today: Agents

Should I join the Union?Should I get ISDN?Should I seek an agent?The top three questions that seem to emerge when a voice actor really is finding success, and building toward a career in this business.Honestly, they're three questions rooted in voice-over tradition, not so much it's present.  The union, ISDN, and talent agencies are all players in today's voice-over marketplace, but all have seen big challenges in recent years brought on by internet- caused paradigm shifts.On the World-Voices … [Read More...]


If Not P2P, Then What?

So sad that it has come to this. But...I'm gonna say it: We've all gotten lazy.In the absence of good old-fashioned creative and smart prospecting for clients, we've gotten too dependent on pay-to-play subscription sites.An email from a fellow voice-actor said it all: "...there are 3 ways we know of to get voiceover jobs: 1) Through an agent   2)  Direct marketing - email to production companies   3) P2P  Q:  What are we missing?  If not P2P, then…what?  And how? ..." Of course, not all of us … [Read More...]

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9 “Musts” Before Posting an Audition

Actually, there are  maybe 15-20 things you CAN do before you send each audition...but these 7 points cannot be overlooked...the Holy Grail of "must-do" actions on the pre-flight list.This checklist is humbly submitted as my own intellectual content.  I don't count myself among the top earners in voiceover land, so maybe you should just ignore this blog...move on and consider taking a course by Marc Cashman or Bill DeWees.What I'm saying is: this is offered with no guarantee of success...more of … [Read More...]

VO Social Media

WoVOChat results

#WoVOChat Results: Commercials

The production of Radio and TV commercials forms the backbone of the voiceover industry.  While commercials no longer define the scope of opportunities for voice actors, the medium offers some of the … [Read More...]

WoVOChat commercials

#WoVOChat Wednesday: Commercials!

When you start out in voice-over work...what's the first demo you put together? Commercial, right? We all kinda want that to be our bread 'n' butter.  It doesn't always work out that way...but that … [Read More...]

WoVOChat results

#WoVOChat Results: Audiobooks

Some voice-actors put audiobook narration at the center of their business.  The rest just shake their heads, and are often known to say:  "...I just don't know how they do it!..."You could say that … [Read More...]

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Have Demo, Will Travel

In a new twist to an old scam, certain demo producers are apparently willing to bring the total demo solution TO YOUR HOME!This is just so wrong on so many levels I don't know where to start.Think I'm … [Read More...]


VO Rates Roundtable

Don't fault me or WoVO for focusing so much on voiceover compensation rates lately.  We're only trying to keep up with the crazy pace of this industry.  No one topic garners more interest among … [Read More...]

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Saving For a Rainy Day…

...and I don't mean money (at least not in THIS post).No, I'm talking about banking information...the new currency.There is SO MUCH valuable content online these days, that one MUST have a mechanism … [Read More...]


A Free VO Education

Most all of my uber-talented, seasoned, and generous peers in voiceover land will share their experience freely if you just ask.Mike Lenz asked...he asked a lot of people, including me.Mike and I … [Read More...]

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Be a Newbie Again

Remember that unbridled passion and energy you had when you decided to get into voice-acting?  I remember being almost giddy. Most days, those emotions still sustain me.  I've … [Read More...]

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cord cutting

How “Cord-Cutting” Affects VO

An entire generation of “millennial” consumers have no idea what a TV antenna is, have never purchased a cable subscription, and can’t wait for wearable computing to hit its stride (Apple iWatch is a start). In the first three months of 2015, traditional cable lost 105,000 subscribers, satellite lost 74,000, and TV providers 143,000. (USAToday)..and that […]

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FOMO Frustrations

March was a challenge if  you're afflicted with FOMO (fear or missing out). VO Atlanta, and FaffCamp two weekends in a row, and I was at home sitting on my hands...or rather … [Read More...]



Since 2007, I figure I've attended some 20 voiceover conferences.  Yeah...crazy isn't it?  I counted it up on my fingers three times just to be sure.  I'd agree with you if you … [Read More...]

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Update, Renew, Freshen

This is the sad state of affairs in today's world:  everything is cursory.I'm speaking mostly of content, attention spans, and trends.  Nothing stands still.  Everything is always … [Read More...]

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