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Job or Career?

That's a fine distinction, but much like a mission statement, or a business plan, once you've decided the career v. job conundrum - and commit to it -- everything flows from it.There is no right answer...and the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, although while a job can be part of a career...a career cannot be diminished to just a job.Once you've decided you want a voice over career, then certain jobs are not aligned with that decision.  You start to see beyond hand-to-mouth, … [Read More...]


…an Educated Opinion

You might be sick of talking about VO rates...I promise I'll find other VO things to write about...but this week's blog seems to belong to this topic.The spectrum of online responses to the compensation issue reveals why this is such a tough nut to crack...why there may not be any definitive answers that fit all situations. Which brings me back to education, and why I said Monday in my article about SpeakPage, that "... WoVO is actively pursuing a program of educating its members to accept this … [Read More...]


VO Rates Roundtable

Don't fault me or WoVO for focusing so much on voiceover compensation rates lately.  We're only trying to keep up with the crazy pace of this industry.  No one topic garners more interest among freelance voice actors than this issue.World-Voices Organization members site "rates" as one of their top concerns.  For those choosing a career in VO -- and willing to work hard for it -- this business had some promise.  The threat of ever-descending rates, though, is challenging that paradigm.  There … [Read More...]


Wanna Talk Rates?

My post Monday on SpeakPage sparked a lot of interest, and a wide range of comments.  We heard from people who were convinced I was encouraging "bottom feeders", and others who did some quick math and decided it wasn't all that bad of a scale.Interestingly, on Anne Ganguzza's FB group "VO Peeps" a similar debate was raging over a simultaneous post from Andrew Bates offering a paid voice gig.  You can go there to see the thread, but since compensation being offered was so low ($25), this post … [Read More...]


SpeakPage (seeking voice-actors)

We're living in the middle of a paradigm shift.  Every generation does...they just don't always see the forest for the trees.     For us, the internet is disrupting most all the of the media channels that had been enjoying money-growing-on-trees status:  TV, radio, music, publishing, photography, classified ads and more.An equal or even greater number of digital enterprises are picking up the slack creating talent opportunities, but with a few exceptions, pay scales are not keeping pace.Still, … [Read More...]

VO Social Media

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VO Education



What's the old saying?  "Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me".This has been a week of discovery, admonition, and contrition.  Tuesday, I came down hard on what I believed to be a … [Read More...]


The Antidote

Clearly, the topic in yesterday's blog touched a nerve.  See: "When Does an Offer Become Offensive"Nearly 800 readers voted with their visit.  This is an issue people in our business care about...or … [Read More...]

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Zoom Q8

Finally, a decent HD video camera with excellent audio inputs!You've seen me review other Zoom products on the pages of this blog.  The Zoom H4, Zoom H4n, and Zoom H6n are all part of a parade of Zoom … [Read More...]


ipDTL Adds Phone Patch

That's right... the contingency that confounds some voice talents, frustrates others, and and only clients seem to want, is now a regular feature of ipDTL.  "Phone Patch" is different things to … [Read More...]

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Do the Groundwork

In 2003 I bought a tablet computer from Gateway...operating system made by Microsoft. It did much of the same stuff the iPad does today...even some other things the iPad STILL … [Read More...]


Marking Digital Copy

Three things I had to get used to when I began making the switch-over from TV News Anchorman to voiceover talent:I could do more than one take of any particular copyI could mark-up … [Read More...]

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The World’s Largest Media Owner

Rupert Murdoch?  Nope. Sony?  Huh-uh. Comcast/AOL/TimeWarner? Not even close. Google. I know, I know… Apple has $194 Billion in cash, and is a media darling, but Google (which Steve Jobs hated) is moving ahead of all other also-rans. Google is 136% bigger than #2 – Disney…and bigger than Disney and #3 (Comcast) combined. According to […]

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FOMO Frustrations

March was a challenge if  you're afflicted with FOMO (fear or missing out). VO Atlanta, and FaffCamp two weekends in a row, and I was at home sitting on my hands...or rather … [Read More...]



Since 2007, I figure I've attended some 20 voiceover conferences.  Yeah...crazy isn't it?  I counted it up on my fingers three times just to be sure.  I'd agree with you if you … [Read More...]

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What’s in a Title?

We work to achieve titles.  We take pride in the status they convey, and we attach importance to them beyond their due.  Still, titles serve a purpose, I suppose.Take terms like … [Read More...]

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