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Next WoVOChat: VO Marketing Techniques

No other topic at WoVOCon II captured my interest like this one.  This last weekend, I probably spent 5 hours in 3 separate sessions that had to do with marketing...and I still don't get it. "Marketing" is like this mysterious black box that takes all your time and then my case...very little.  Oh sure! I know... all of you are so busy every day that you hate the inside of your booth.  You can barely find time to eat between the ISDN sessions.  The demands of clients, and the … [Read More...]



Since 2007, I figure I've attended some 20 voiceover conferences.  Yeah...crazy isn't it?  I counted it up on my fingers three times just to be sure.  I'd agree with you if you think that I'm some kind of nut, or hog for life is immeasurably blessed many times over for each encounter.  Relationships with all those like-minded voiceover souls is all that much more rich.  The success of my VO business can be linked directly to any number of nuggets gleaned from … [Read More...]


“MobileGeddon” is Coming (and you thought I was kidding yesterday)

SEO is not sexy.  My blog yesterday got a so-so reception.  (Not Your Grandfather's SEO).  It's a tired topic. I'm tired, too, of the juxtaposition of the word Armageddon with just about any other word.  But this is for real:  Google's latest biggest change will be significant, and it will effect the way your website gets traffic.  And you thought getting prospects to your voice-over page was difficult BEFORE! They're calling it "Mobilegeddon", because Google's algorithm update concerns mobile … [Read More...]


Not Your Grandfather’s SEO

Search Engine it even do-able anymore?  Can any ONE person try to mount it on their own without hiring some specialist?  And how to you vet that person?  What do you even ask them?  How do you know THEY know the latest methods? Google has always controlled this marketplace, and lately they've been doing their best to upend any formula that might have existed -- if at all. I wasn't even good at the OLD ways of establishing SEO.  People I used to rely on to help me are "out of … [Read More...]



Noun, ...any interdependent or mutually beneficial relationship between two persons, groups, etc. This week, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hits Las Vegas.  Next to CES, it's the largest, and most equipment-exhibitor heavy conference in the busiest convention city in the USA.  This same week, running concurrently to NAB is NMX, the New Media Expo (formerly Blog World Expo).  When it's all done, WoVOConII begins. So to say this is one of the busiest weeks in my year is an … [Read More...]

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WoVOChat results

WoVOChat Results: Be a Better VO Biz

Every time we hold a #WoVOChat it gets better.  Better in terms of participation, and better in terms of content. Today was no different.  Our topic was Essentials of Running A Successful Freelance … [Read More...]

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P2P SlideShare

Are you familiar with SlideShare? Acquired by LinkedIn not that long ago, SlideShare is an online service that lets you share your presentations.  Upload or download in almost any format  (Keynote, … [Read More...]


Predatory Coaches and Demo Mills

Yin/Yang Right there are two incendiary terms.  They don't always go hand in hand, but they rarely tell a positive story.  Oddly enough, not everyone agrees on who is or who is NOT a predatory … [Read More...]

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3 New Ways to use Video Online

Have I mentioned the importance of using video in your online presence?  ( KNOW I have!) This can be fun and casual as an extension of your personality and/or company, or directed/targeted … [Read More...]

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Besides Death and Taxes…

...not much else in this world is certain. People with something to sell you would like you to believe that this product, or that method is the ONLY way to satisfy your needs.  … [Read More...]


You Deserve a Name…YOUR Name

A hurdle that many novices will encounter along the way to VO stardom: production companies, pay-to-plays, and some booking agents who will either change your name, or offer a … [Read More...]

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Downtime? What’s That?

Sure there are days when you don’t record at the mic…but that does NOT constitute a wasted day. Lately, I’ve been hearing from more than one corner, the frustration that comes … [Read More...]

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Who’s heard of this site?  It appears to be one of those new-wave online authoring sites like Medium.  I would have no idea it existed but for a Google Alert that flagged an article on io9:  Why Announcers’ Voices Sound So Much Different Than They Used To. The author points to an answer by a […]

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Do You Need a VO Talent Agent?

It's OK, you don't have to answer.  In fact there may not BE a right or wrong could be sort of a personal thing. Talent agencies pretty much were the T-1 line to VO … [Read More...]

lg flex

CES2015 in 2:10

Got a minute? couple of minutes? The technology, planning, and marketing behind a show like CES is beyond imagination.  It all comes together for 4 days in the … [Read More...]

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goldfish jumping out of the water

On Our Way to 500

What is the mark of success for ANY organization?  Many would tell you that hard numbers or accumulation of many members is important; but that doesn't tell the whole story.  It's … [Read More...]

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