You know…and I know you know, that this is the last day of July.

The average sunlight is waning gradually, Christmas Trees are appearing at WalMart, and Halloween is roughly 90 days away.

Folks…we’re getting older.  Heck, I’ve officially been full-time VO for over 7 months, now, with NO distractions whatsoever.

Well…that’s not entirely true.  Although I’m past president of WoVO, I’m still hip-deep on the executive board, and one of the main points of contact for WoVOCon in November.

Wait!  NOVEMBER!???

Yep, just a few days after Halloween, the party faithful will be gathering here in the future home of the NFL Raiders for the annual WoVO pilgrimage.

See how fast the days/weeks/months pass?

WoVOCon is not your garden-variety VO conference. You must be a member to attend Click To Tweet

So why all this waxing eloquent about the passage of time?  Because you have just 15 days to save $50.  Who wouldn’t want to save $50???

On the 16th of August, the WoVOCon’s early-bird pricing ($325) goes away, and the standard pricing takes effect ($375).  Honestly, I know I’m biased, but WoVOCon is about the greatest value in the known voiceover universe, and you can be there for the sum of $325 if you register in the next two weeks. (yes, of course there’s travel expenses, but EVERY airline has Vegas specials).  Rooms are still available at the group rate, and a bank of 10 more rooms has even been added for Thursday if you want to arrive early.

Now…WoVOCon is not your garden-variety VO conference.  You must be a member to attend.  Not a member?  Easy!  Here’s the link:

You are a member?   Cool!  Then here’s a link to all the info you’d need to know about WoVOCon V:

Got more questions?  Write the Executive Board at [email protected]

Tomorrow, we reveal our new theme for WoVOCon V, and you’ll have one less day to register at the early-bird pricing.   🙁

OK pumpkin?  Oh, right!  Thanksgiving is right after WoVOCon.  There goes the calendar!




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