This is THE VO Conference to Attend

Why would I NOT blow WoVO’s horn every chance I get?  I’ll blog about WoVOCon at every turn cause I believe in the cause, its mission, and its community.  I helped found the organization after all.  I’m “invested” as they say.

First there was V.O.I.C.E., then FaffCon, then Gerald Griffith’s VO Atlanta came on the scene.  On the periphery, there is MAVO, VO North, SOVAS, OneVoice (UK), and a host of other impromptu international gatherings.  Yes, there is a bounty of VO conference opportunities.  This is good. 

But Where’s Your Heart?

Coaching, networking, learning, socializing are all part of the VO conference experience, but when it’s done, are you still part of anything?…or are you just a bit inspired (which wanes in time)?

World-Voices Organization is a community.  You belong.  We help you.  You help us.  Our conferences have not broken the 150-attendee mark, and we’re not upset about that.  WoVOCon is intimate, friendly, enabling, and memorable.  We like the “intimacy” part of that so much that we hold frequent “mini-cons” too, and they typically are attended by about 50-or-so.

This is World-Voices.  You either get it, or you don’t.  That befuddles some member prospects who are quick to ask “what’s in it for me”?  There ARE advantages…but that’s not the point.  We like to answer with one of JFK’s most poignent questions:  “Ask not…” (you know the rest).

WoVOCon is not open to just anyone.  You have to be a member to attend.  We make it easy.  It’s $99/year whether you qualify as an “associate” or a “pro” in our two-tier structure.  Here’s the link to register:

Once you join, you can visit the WoVOCon registration page.  THAT link, with further URL’s for reserving a room at a group rate, and even applying to lead a session are all within this Newsletter sent yesterday to all members is here:

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There are tons of choices for VO coaching today (maybe too many?), and we actually had trouble finding a spot on the calendar for WoVOCon, ’cause the schedule is so cluttered anymore. (there’s actually two other VO-related conferences that weekend that we know of).  But we hope you reserve the weekend of October 18-20 for WoVOCon VI. I’m naturally a bit biased, but I think there is no greater bang-for-your-buck than the WoVOCon experience.

Need to know more?  Just email me:  [email protected].  I’m happy to discuss.  Our sessions are member-led.  We also have Master Classes with some of today’s best VO coaches.  There’s Karoake, a “family meeting”, weekend-long breakout sessions with a dedicated booth and sample mics.  Best of all there are hallway conversations that probably make everything pale in comparison.

And…it’s “VEGAS BABY”.  Don’t let that distract you from the meat of the conference, but the Tropicana is across the street from the MGM, The Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and home of the NHL Vegas Golden Knights:  T-Mobile Arena.

October in Vegas is seasonally second to only maybe April/May.  “The Trop” is the closest resort to the airport.  Uber it, and everything else is close enough to walk from there.

There’s more.  Much more.  Come and experience the best VO conference of the year: WoVOCon VI.  (showing my colors here, but I can’t help myself!)





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