As I write this, I’m at 38,000 feet, somewhere over Western Kansas, on my 6th round-trip flight to Missouri and back to Vegas since August.

My belief is that I have a better chance of dying from the plane crashing, than COVID-19. 

Why do I do this? 


We love ’em and we hate ’em.  But in life we can’t get along without ’em.  We can’t do life without relationships. 

You may think you can.  You may covet your alone time.  Relationships may vex you, but you’d be lost without them, and your VO business would be in the tank sans relationships.

My belief system says I was, and you were MADE for relationship.  That life is unfulfilled and hollow without relationship.

I’d forgotten that.  I like my alone time.  I’m an introvert.  Being 68, I also see how “grumpy old man” syndrome can take over.  I’ve gotten judgmental, proud, and more than a little holier-than-thou.

After all, I’ve been seriously chasing this voiceover thing since 2006.  Broadcasting waaay before that (and continues today).

I’VE GOT THIS right?  ‘Been to a million conferences, ‘written over 2500 blogs, ‘done coaching till I’m blue in the face, ‘started World-Voices Organization, ‘hosted webinars, ‘cut scores of demos, ‘been on podcasts, ‘been the subject of interviews, ‘had articles written about me.

I don’t NEED anyone or anything…

…and therein likes my conceit and my epiphany.

Life isn’t working that way.

I’m not connected, I’m not part of anything productively relational, and ultimately I’m not happy that way.

In short, I’m not engaged.

…and there it is…the secret to relationship.  You have to give to receive. You have to participate.  Be a part.  Be curious, be contributory, be involved.

In short, you have to engage in the process.

An engagement traditionally precedes marriage…the ultimate relationship?  So little wonder that defined in a slightly different context, engagement is the word that leads to the relationship we have with our peers, our clients, our colleagues, our friends, our professional lives in VO.

Who am I to think I could ever do VO without it?

Are YOU trying to do that?

Until I answer the need for engaged relationships I have no right to complain that the market is in a downturn, that jobs have dried up, that opportunities are disappearing, and that my VO business is in trouble.

Engage in relationships. Engage in life.

You don’t need round trip airfare for that.  Just an awakening to its potential for your life.




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