Steinberg + iPad = Cubasis

Just the other day someone posted in an online forum with the question: “What are the best apps to record and edit audio on an iOS system”.  I haven’t done the research, but probably scores of apps will record your audio…but not many will let... read more

MS Office on your iPad/iPhone

Digital tools are so important to voice-actors. You will not win or lose a voiceover audition based on having MS Office on your iPhone or iPad (or not), but as you know, tools can come in mighty handy in your workflow, and in a pinch.  The RIGHT tool can be a... read more

iRig Pre vs. Pro

New smartphone and tablet devices are getting churned out at a dizzying pace.  Apple and Samsung lead the pack, but the new Nokia/Microsoft merge promises some surprises, while HTC and LG continue to innovate. Because of that, 3rd-party device manufacturers are... read more

Like Lightning!

Barely had the digital ink dried on my blog from Monday’s unveiling of the RØDE iXY before my good friend Tim Keenan (owner of Creative Media Recording) chimed in with some welcome news. Most portable mics designed to work with iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc. come... read more

Rode’s New iXY Mic for iOS

Let’s just put this out there first:  No mobile mic-with-tablet-and-app configuration will match the fidelity of your home studio. Those are the paraphrased words of top VO talent Beau Weaver, who is even more of a bloodhound on the trail of the perfect mobile... read more

Revisiting the Tablet in Your Studio

Yesterday, Stephanie Cicarelli of VOICES.com asked a question on her FaceBook group “THE VOICE ACTING HUB” about reading copy in the studio.  “Do you read voice-over scripts on screens or do you prefer printing them?” she asked. Honestly I was... read more

Tablet Transformation

Tablets are a game changer. Sure, your iPad is handy for swiping through copy as you read…easy to catch up on email while waiting at the doctor’s office…but tablet computers are about to explode on the scene in ways you didn’t expect, and the... read more

New Artist App

For iOS users (iPad, iPhone), there’s a new app available that just might be the ticket for developing your business in a very productive way. My thanks to voice talent David Sigmon for bringing this program to my attention.  It’s called Artist Growth, and... read more

Gee! The New Apogee MiC

My thanks to VO Pro Joe Cipriano for posting on my Voice-Over Friends FaceBook group about the new Apogee MiC. At CES, we saw a trio of new USB and iOS-compatible mics.  Then, just a couple of days ago, I ran down a few of the new mic offerings that were exhibited at... read more

Mics From NAMM

Voice Acting is apparently not big enough to prompt equipment makers to hold their own convention just for us (YET)…but NAMM comes close. NAMM originally stood for North American Music Merchants, but now it’s an international show for manufacturers,... read more

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