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Weekend Deadline

Yesterday brought a flood of responses to my announcement about merging my FaceBook Voice-Over Friends group into Terry Daniels’ Voice-Over Pros Place FaceBook group. The reaction was almost universally positive.  People understand the value in coming together... read more

Truth in Headshots

Embarrassingly, in February of this year, while speaking at Bill DeWees’ VO Revolution workshop — I came in after a previous speaker, and told the attendees the exact opposite of what they had just heard about headshots.I’ve written about this... read more

The Current State of Social Media for Voice-Actors (Part 2)

INFO OVERLOAD? You would be hard-pressed to OVERstate the impact of information and content sharing — through the internet — on voice acting today. Many things about the internet have changed our business permanently, and most would say:  for the better. ... read more

3 Million Companies…

….and their data is at your fingertips for free! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty rich vein of golden prospects to mine, and no pack horse or picks ‘n’ shovels needed. LinkedIn recently announced the milestone of 3-million... read more

Getting Serious

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen an exponential number of new requests to be in my FaceBook Group “Voice-Over Friends”.  As far as I can tell, there’s no accounting for it.  Terry Daniel, who administers “Voice-Over Pros” is... read more

New…More Social SoundCloud

Everybody’s doing it.  EVERY internet presence is being leveraged into any and all social networking opportunities.  SoundCloud too. Everybody’s favorite online audio storage and sharing site adds a new slick user interface, improved search, and the... read more

G+ VoiceOvers

Since Google+ came along, there have been various predictions of its demise. That hasn’t happened. It’s not the runaway hit like MySpace or FaceBook was at one time, but the strength of Google itself makes this a social network no one should totally avoid.... read more

Seminar Preview

The month of May is gone, and I’m still trying to figure out where February went. June brings with it the VOICE2012 Conference.  There’s still time to sign-up, BTW, although travel costs are starting to get expensive at this late juncture. During the... read more

LinkedIn Lip Service

“Oh yeah!…I’m on LinkedIn…I just don’t use it much.” (‘Wish I had a Neumann for ever time I heard that!) In about three weeks and three days I’ll take the stage with Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi at the Disneyland hotel... read more

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