3 Million Companies…

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Social/Professional Networking, Web Resources

….and their data is at your fingertips for free!

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty rich vein of golden prospects to mine, and no pack horse or picks ‘n’ shovels needed.

inLinkedIn recently announced the milestone of 3-million companies now within company pages on their network.  ‘Companies like American Express, EventBrite, Virgin Media, and yes…a slew of production companies.

Geographically, they’re on the globe from Tonga to the Sahara, Antartica to South Korea.

Searching on LinkedIn is no mystery.  Choosing Keywords is important, just like you would carefully word your Google Searches.  LinkedIn offers a quick primer on searching for specific results.

Here’s my mantra about LinkedIn as a great tool for finding prospects:
1) much of their rich data and deep search engine is available for a free membership
2) tap into their Groups feature to get close to the people you want to approach  (650,000 groups presently, covering every conceivable niche — you get to join 50)
3) complete your profile to the “T”.  Keywords are important
4) post your demos on your homepage profile (see this blog for instructions: “FIXING DEMOS ON THE “NEW” LINKEDIN
5) use the results of your search for “warm calls”

Below is a neaat infographic about LinkedIn’s company reach.

To stay on top of LinkedIn, their blog is the BEST:  http://blog.linkedin.com




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