Fixing Your Demos on the “New” LinkedIn

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Social Media/Networking, SoundCloud

linkedin-logoMost of you know I’m a big LinkedIn fan.  Of all the social networks, LinkedIn offers the most rich feature set for searching and researching your business prospects.  Oh, and they’ve got hundreds of millions of members, too.  ;-}

One of the nice things about LinkedIn (until now) was the association it had with  Using the LinkedIn “app”, you could store your Demos on Box, and they would appear in your LinkedIn profile.

Not any more.

LinkedIn is rolling out a  major overhaul of its interface…both cosmetically, and under the hood.  Gone is the app, and your demos.

Luckily, LinkedIn had the foresight to offer a really decent alternative, and I’ve got the links to show you how to do it.  By the way, my thanks to Tom Dheere for bringing this to my attention.  Seeking an answer to his question of how to replace the demos led me to finding the work-around.

LinkedIn now lets you post links to all sorts of media right in your profile.  To be able to post your demos, then on your LinkedIn site, you’ll have to have your soundfiles stored in an online service like AudioBoo or SoundCloud.  Actually LinkedIn accepts many more audio, video, image and presentation files than ever before.  Go to their PROFILE MEDIA LINK PROVIDERS page to see all the media they accept.

Got it?

OK, now go to LinkedIn’s page explaining how to add your files to your profile: ADDING MEDIA LINKS ON YOUR PROFILEA crucial point here, is that you can only add these media links to the following sections of your profile: Summary, Education, Experience.

It works like a charm, and I’m not so sure it isn’t better than the arrangement.

Below is a screen capture of my demos, now added to the “Summary” section of my profile.



Let me know if you need any help!




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