“On SoundCloud”

“On SoundCloud” is a new offering from SoundCloud.  I wish I could say there is a clear comparison chart that explains the difference between your regular SoundCloud membership, and membership in “On SoundCloud”, but I haven’t found one... read more

Put Your Demo on Google+

How many times have I said lately, that Google + is the future of Social Media?  I might even be right!  🙂 SoundCloud is also a form of social media that is ascending to a safe place as the de facto program for embedding or linking to audio (much as YouTube serves... read more

SoundCloud’s New Upload

Sometimes, it’s the little things that please.  ‘Not the jump from Version 2.0 to 3.0, but the jump from 2.0 to 2.1. SoundCloud is already a stellar service for uploading, sharing, playing, storing, and embedding your soundfiles, but they’ve been... read more

Google is on Fire!

Without getting to the politics of corporations, loyalties, patents, stock prices, or international intrigue, can I just say that Google is the new Apple?…the new Apple in the sense that they’ve earned the mantle of the hippest, coolest, most innovative... read more

Fixing Your Demos on the “New” LinkedIn

Most of you know I’m a big LinkedIn fan.  Of all the social networks, LinkedIn offers the most rich feature set for searching and researching your business prospects.  Oh, and they’ve got hundreds of millions of members, too.  ;-} One of the nice things... read more

New…More Social SoundCloud

Everybody’s doing it.  EVERY internet presence is being leveraged into any and all social networking opportunities.  SoundCloud too. Everybody’s favorite online audio storage and sharing site adds a new slick user interface, improved search, and the... read more

SoundCloud & Pinterest

My gratitude to voice actor Karen Commins for her tip that forms the basis of today’s blog. Despite the points I made in my previous article on “A VO’s Place on Pinterest”, Karen was still skeptical about the value in this new Social Network... read more

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