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by | Jul 18, 2012 | Social Media/Networking, SoundCloud, Web Resources

My gratitude to voice actor Karen Commins for her tip that forms the basis of today’s blog.

Despite the points I made in my previous article on “A VO’s Place on Pinterest“, Karen was still skeptical about the value in this new Social Network for her VO business.  But upon further research she found the “hook” that brought her into the Pinterest fold.

Pinterest now accepts SoundCloud…and y’all are familiar with SoundCloud, right?  You should be.  It’s an awesome place to post, share, store, and play your audiofiles.

People, this could be big!

The two platforms working together makes Pinterest more than just place to look at pretty pictures of drapes, recipes, and shoes.  Karen says:  “…Within minutes of pinning a short story that I had posted last month on Soundcloud, I saw the number of plays increase!…”

Karen was kind enough to point me to this SoundCloud blog page that explains it all…including being able to post to Pinterest using the “Pin It” bookmarklet in your browser’s bookmarklet bar…or copy the URL of the sound you want to share onto the site.  Thanks, Karen!!!

Reading about the new Pinterest/SoundCloud integration also led me to SoundCloud’s NEXT SOUNDCLOUD beta project.  Apparently SoundCloud is on the move to be more social, easier to navigate, and more intuitively organized.

The Pinterest integration and the “Next” Soundcloud all bode well for voice-actors.  FaceBook has never made it particularly easy to post audio on their network.  You can post links to audio on Twitter, but this new development adds a distinct visual element to a soundfile that makes it much easier to bring attention to your audio work on a social media platform.

The Next SoundCloud announcement allows you to sign-up for being part of their new roll-out…and if you look deeply enough, you’ll find mention of how to apply to be a SoundCloud “Fellow”, too…building a deeper community.





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