New…More Social SoundCloud

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Social/Professional Networking, SoundCloud, Web Resources

Everybody’s doing it.  EVERY internet presence is being leveraged into any and all social networking opportunities.  SoundCloud too.

Everybody’s favorite online audio storage and sharing site adds a new slick user interface, improved search, and the ability to repost.  You an also curate a collection, and engage in continuous play of your selections.

The site has a nicely refurbished look that still has the unmistakable feel of being SoundCloud.  There are attendant changes in the iOS and Android apps with this roll-out as well.

See SoundCloud’s blog for the full details…along with some 469 comments.

While you’re at it, listen to the collage of voice-over contributions to Christmas put together by Terry Daniel on HIS SoundCloud site:
Terry Daniel’s Third Annual Voice Talent Holiday Greeting.

And in the spirit of sharing from the new SoundCloud…here it is without having to leave my blog!




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