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Everybody’s doing it.  EVERY internet presence is being leveraged into any and all social networking opportunities.  SoundCloud too.

Everybody’s favorite online audio storage and sharing site adds a new slick user interface, improved search, and the ability to repost.  You an also curate a collection, and engage in continuous play of your selections.

The site has a nicely refurbished look that still has the unmistakable feel of being SoundCloud.  There are attendant changes in the iOS and Android apps with this roll-out as well.

See SoundCloud’s blog for the full details…along with some 469 comments.

While you’re at it, listen to the collage of voice-over contributions to Christmas put together by Terry Daniel on HIS SoundCloud site:
Terry Daniel’s Third Annual Voice Talent Holiday Greeting.

And in the spirit of sharing from the new SoundCloud…here it is without having to leave my blog!




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