The month of May is gone, and I’m still trying to figure out where February went.

June brings with it the VOICE2012 Conference.  There’s still time to sign-up, BTW, although travel costs are starting to get expensive at this late juncture.

During the event, I’ll be presenting on the finer points of social media as it pertains to your VO marketing plan.  My cohorts in the seminar are Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi.  Terry is presenting on FaceBook, and Trish will be explaining how she’s made Twitter work in her favor.

I’ll be presenting on the LinkedIn social network.  I’ve talked about this before this week here on my blog (LinkedIn Lip Service), and I’m hammering away at it, ’cause I think there’s a lot of value here for any voice talent in her/his search for new clients.

I’m also working hard on gathering resources for the presentation, and you’re my guinea pigs.  Below is a brief video I’ve recorded that profiles a particular tool on the LinkedIn site called “LinkedIn Signal”. It’s a great way to sift your way through the stream-of-consciousness on your social networks.

Take less than two minutes to watch:

I hope that tips you off to something about LinkedIn you were not aware of before.  The entire LI platform is riddled with opportunities to refine and advance your search in this manner…almost from every screen.




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