OK, you know what…?

$50 is not all that big of a deal anymore.  And yet…

And yet….

50-dollars is still 50-dollars, and quite frankly, if I knew of a way to save $50 and still land a spot at one of the premier voiceover conferences of the year, I’d probably do that, right?

Alrighty then….here’s how to save $50, and get yourself to WoVOCon in fabulous Las Vegas this October 18-20.

Click on this link, and register.

Just a minute there, buckaroo!  What if I’m not a WoVO member?  Can I still go?

Officially:  No.

But here’s the deal Bosco…you SHOULD be a member (we can get into the finer points of that later), and we’re accepting membership registrations ALONG WITH WoVOConVI registrations.  Pay the fee, and the WoVO Executive Board immediately votes to admit you to the organization, and you’re all set to be at WoVOCon VI!

The only catch to saving the $50 is that you have to register today (Thurs., 5/30/19), or tomorrow  (Fri., 5/31/19)…after that, the price goes up.

 Here’s that link again.

People are always asking “What’s in it for me?”.  Well, here’s your reason:

  • You get two full days of awesome sessions by some of the most knowledgeable folks in the VO biz
  •  You get to hang out with all of your fave VO folks
  •  The karaoke is a highlight!
  •  The food is fantastic
  •  Just the conversations in the hallway make it worthwhile
  •  It’s Vegas, baby!
  •  World-Voices member meeting to strategize our future
  •  Product evaluations, mic shootout, and booth tryout

There’s more…much more.  In fact, you could even be a presenter if you wanted to!  Here’s the form to fill-out to propose a topic.

Oh, and when you click that registration link, you’ll also see where you can register to get a room at the Tropicana Resort for the lowest possible group rate they offer!

Hey, I don’t know about you, but I could sure use that $50 bucks to buy my wife a great birthday present!

Link again.




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