Read This Article Twice

For radio, it started with Napster and iTunes.  For TV it started with Cable and the proliferation of channels. For both, the beginning of the end had its genesis in big media holding companies buying en masse, taking away the personality, counting beans, and hubbing... read more

Truth in Headshots

Embarrassingly, in February of this year, while speaking at Bill DeWees’ VO Revolution workshop — I came in after a previous speaker, and told the attendees the exact opposite of what they had just heard about headshots.I’ve written about this... read more

5 Social Media Strategies to Build Your VO Brand

At NMX (The New Media Expo Conf) the other day, I heard Michael Hyatt speak about branding.  He’s the Chairman and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers…a prolific thinker, blogger, and speaker.  He offered a multi-point plan for developing your personal... read more

Oh, the Fun You Can Have!

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm for all things digital…I understand that. But how can you NOT like all the fun things you can do online these days?  I’m not talking about social media.  I’m talking about the media you can construct on your own,... read more

“Las Vegas is My Home”

That simple statement is at the core of an image campaign built around the news anchors at the TV station where I work (KLAS-TV, Channel 8, #8NewsNow). On a Labor Day weekend that saw an influx of 300,000+ visitors, it’s easy to forget Las Vegas is still just... read more

Getting Serious

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen an exponential number of new requests to be in my FaceBook Group “Voice-Over Friends”.  As far as I can tell, there’s no accounting for it.  Terry Daniel, who administers “Voice-Over Pros” is... read more

Local Coverage

Nothing’s better than getting a local publication to write an article about what you do. Golden. It can be a newspaper, a local radio station, a local weekly, a local TV station or talk show…you name it. Nothing will elevate your profile to the market... read more

The Case For Voice Acting You Can See

Everything you do online for your VO business:  Demos, Blogs, Twitter posts, FaceBook updates, profiles, newsletters…even email signatures should have a picture. I used to sit on the fence on this debate…you know…the debate over whether a VO... read more

Introducing the “CourVO” App!!

Didja really think I’d be able to resist the inevitable march of progress? The COURVO app is now available in the iTunes store.  It’s free. Now you can read all the great content of this blog on your iPhone/iPad. You can also do a search for the app from... read more

Crafting Your Personal Brand

Wanna know why resources on the web about branding are never-ending? 1) New ideas come up every day. 2) New perspectives on old ideas come up every day. 3) People/companies change…and what works one day, won’t work the next. 4) There’s a lot of... read more

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