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by | Mar 15, 2017 | Branding | 5 comments

For radio, it started with Napster and iTunes.  For TV it started with Cable and the proliferation of channels.

For both, the beginning of the end had its genesis in big media holding companies buying en masse, taking away the personality, counting beans, and hubbing operations.

There are many other complicating and mitigating factors, but the media reality today is internet social and digital online streams.  We the people own the “airwaves”, and niche interests are king.

In the midst of that mess, it’s up to YOU to get attention for what matters (your VO Business?).  You don’t have the advantage of network promos, or 30-second spots to toot your horn.  Sure, there’s still billboards and the Superbowl, but on FaceBook and YouTube, it only matters if you go “viral” or have many subscribers.

Some people stumble into a viral video…others plan it, and then there are those “experts” who swear they can create it for you (aren’t there always those types?)

But Bob Lefsetz has written the golden manifesto of “The Attention Economy“.  I really don’t know who Bob Lefsetz is, but this article is brilliant.  He explains why advertising is crippled, and overnight success is history.

I’m serious.  This is a 5-minute read, max.  Do it. Read it.




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  1. Rick Shockley

    Excellent and I did read it twice then shared it. Thanks for sharing with us, Dave!

  2. Jim Reeverts

    The best advice I have had yet. Thank you, Dave. “Start slow…. get prepared before getting online.. have creativity and innovation consistently active in my “workshop.” This is hardwood philosophy, not pulp…

  3. Beverly Bremers

    Great article, but I wish he had proofread. 🙁 It’s hard to take someone seriously when there are typos & spelling mistakes…

    • CourVO


      You are so right. I found it to be diminished by those errors too. But in this day ‘n’ age when “ludacris” is now the accepted spelling of ludicrous… I try not to let a bad speller’s good ideas get away.

      You’re great for commenting!


      Dave C

  4. Donte

    I have read it twice as you said. Nice article.


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