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Save $50 !!!

Thursday and Friday…the last chance to get the lowest price on the best VO conference yet this year.

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Media Mashup

Like it or not, you’re in the media industry…which has been in the throes of change for years, now. Herein, some great resources to bring you up-to-date.

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Are VoiceOver Newbies Welcome?

Newcomers to the promise of voice-over success gotta start somewhere. Along the way, though, they can fall victim to predators, challenge compensation rates, and remind us of our own early beginnings.

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Reframe Your Voiceover Outlook

Career Reframe Christian Kolberg used to work for the local newspaper publisher. Then he realized he had a knack for auctioneering.  That’s him to the right, and him with me on the far right at the recent “Chefs for Kids” Gala... read more

Situational Awareness

Now…Our Top Story! Almost every day, I get a request from someone who wants to join the online VO community I once created on Google+. Situational awareness, people!  Google announced late last year that it’s going to do away with their G+ social... read more

Freebie Friday

Everybody seems to have turned against Facebook lately. Yet, Instagram is the new social media darling. WTF?…FB owns Instagram…and they keep trying to mess it up! For now, though, everybody thinks IG is the new holy grail of online marketing. ... read more

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