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Media Interview?

Being IN the media, I honestly never thought about the premise behind an article published this month by the Pew Research Center.  It breaks down into demographics the sorts of people who tend to be intereviewed by local journalists.

Heck, when *I* was out in the field trying hard to just meet deadline,  it really didn’t matter who was at hand to be an interview subject, as long as they just witnessed the drug deal/car crash/shooting/getaway, etc.  THAT was the person I interviewed (as long as they were willing), and it really didn’t matter their gender, race, age, or education.  AVAILABILITY in the moment…that’s what mattered!

Media Bias?

Well, apparently…YES! (as hard as it is to believe!).  Pew Research is highly respected, and it turns out, older, white, educated men are most likely to land as the interview subject.  Hey!  That’s me!

Here’s the study by Pew Research

Big, Traditional Media Lives!

Here’s another great article for your reading pleasure.  It makes the point that in the midst of internet disruption of traditional/legacy media, some of the old stalwarts are doing just fine, thankyou!  Like, Disney and the NYT.

Media Dinosaurs Stay on Top

Traditional Advertising Lives Too!

All of which kinda makes you wonder who IS making the money in media thesae days?  Well, apparently old habits die hard here, too.

Checkout:  TV ADvertising Isn’t Dead (Yet)

…and haven’t they been saying that for years?

So there’s your reading for the day!




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