Media Mashup

Like it or not, you’re in the media industry…which has been in the throes of change for years, now. Herein, some great resources to bring you up-to-date.

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Situational Awareness

Now…Our Top Story! Almost every day, I get a request from someone who wants to join the online VO community I once created on Google+. Situational awareness, people!  Google announced late last year that it’s going to do away with their G+ social... read more

Freebie Friday

Everybody seems to have turned against Facebook lately. Yet, Instagram is the new social media darling. WTF?…FB owns Instagram…and they keep trying to mess it up! For now, though, everybody thinks IG is the new holy grail of online marketing. ... read more

Still Using a Beeper?

Of course not! You’re a fully-vested citizen of the 21st century.  Which means you understand 10-second attention spans, 140-character texts, and can explain the fascination with Kylie Jenner (so explain it to me willya?). How do you know you’re a... read more

Voice Synth is Ba-a-a-a-ack

7 years ago, in October of 2009, I wrote a series of articles about the challenge presented to our business by artificial voices. See: Voice Synth…not just in the future Synthetic Voices – this time with digital code! ‘Touched a (Synthetic?) Nerve!... read more

Why I Sold My ISDN Codec

It hurt.  But I did it.  Part of the reason was because I wasn’t getting enough use out of it to justify the cost.  But the rest of the reason has to do with my saving face.  After all, I ballyhoo’d the death of ISDN on the pages of this blog for years.... read more

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