Still Using a Beeper?

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Of course not!

You’re a fully-vested citizen of the 21st century.  Which means you understand 10-second attention spans, 140-character texts, and can explain the fascination with Kylie Jenner (so explain it to me willya?).

How do you know you’re a full-fledged 21st century citizen?  You’ve got a smartphone! The modern-day version of a ball ‘n’ chain.

I know, I know…I’m just poking fun.  I’m among the worst of the lot (except for the Kardashians and the Jenners).

In fact, we’re SO much a part of/victim of the information age, that it keeping up with the latest trends is prohibitive.  Even in our niche entrepreneurial universe of voice-acting, it’s nearly impossible to stay with the latest announcements that help us with our freelance business.

But that’s why you read this blog, right?

Three little items I ran across over the weekend that might just be useful:  One is the announcement that you can accept Venmo payments through PayPal (always looking for easier ways to be paid, right?).  The second reveals LinkedIn’s new lead-generation ad service, and how you can take advantage.  Ant the third attempts to explain where new challenges in measuring today’s TV couch potatoes.

When you’re done reading all three, send me a beep, OK?


Venmo users will soon be able to make mobile purchases through your PayPal checkout.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads Have Just Launched – Here’s How to Take Advantage of Them Right Now

TV’s Measurement Mess: Industry Strives to Count the Modern Couch Potato



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