When I got my first battery-powered transistor radio I thought I was soooo cool.  I could listen to the latest music and my favorite DJ’s while just walking around…untethered to a plug-in anywhere!

Johnny Rabbit, Steven B. Stevens, and ChickenMan on KXOK, St. Louis!!!

Today, I can’t remember the last time I listened to the radio.  I like to drive in silence, so it never comes on in the car, and I don’t even HAVE a radio in the house anymore.

Besides, in my mind, the heart of radio died when the big corporations, consortiums, and holding companies took over.  I know THEIR argument.  Radio was bleeding money, and their plan to streamline, automate, and centralize operations would save the day

Maybe it did, but the shell that remained was soul-less.  Gone was the personality that made radio fun.  Sure there are some major metro areas where morning and evening drive-time survive on human voices, but overall AM & FM radio today is but a remnant of its former self.

I suspect Broadcast TV is heading for the same reality in the long run.

Compensation rates are trending ever downward, but it's not likely Radio or TV will EVER disappear completely Click To Tweet

But the voice-over guy in me is still rooting for radio and TV to play on! How many auditions come across email that are destined for Broadcast?  Plenty!  Compensation rates are trending ever downward, but it’s not likely Radio or TV will EVER disappear completely.

Why?  ‘Cause I read “Radio World“, and am amazed at the industry’s vitality portrayed in its pages!  Radio is forging ahead with HD, 5G, and AOIP, and working in every way to be enterprising and innovative!  

I subscribe to their email list, and get a digital copy of their publication all the time.  Yesterday, an email came with the offer to:  

“…simply forward this email (or link below) to your colleagues who can also benefit from staying on top of everything that is happening in the industry. Radio World covers the market like no other publication…”

SHARE THIS LINK:  http://www.myrwnews.com/Register.aspx?fid=RDWF&status=NEW&key=J18FPSS

So, there ya go!  I’ve gotten the inspiration for many blog articles looking in its pages.  I can’t honestly say it’s brought me any VO work, but that could be just my own marketing inadequacies.

If you do end up receiving your own copy of Radio World, I do promise you will learn more about radio than you ever thought you would!




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