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Almost every day, I get a request from someone who wants to join the online VO community I once created on Google+.

Situational awareness, people!  Google announced late last year that it’s going to do away with their G+ social network.  Why would you want to board a sinking ship? Google is shutting Down Google+

We’re all overloaded with information.  It’s tough to keep up.  But somehow you’ve got to try.  Voice Actors ply their trade on the internet, and these changes effect us.

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The other big announcement in the online galaxy happened last week.  Facebook plans to merge Instagram, What’s App, and FB Messenger.  It owns all three, and despite solemn promises that it would keep them autonomous, Zuck is bowing to market pressure to bring them all onto the same chassis.  That’s an automotive metaphor for distinct cars that have at their core, the same frame (e.g. Toyotas and Lexus’).  The correct term is they will all have the same infrastructure, though they may appear distinct.  More in the articles below. 

FaceBook Plans to Let Messenger, Instagram, and WhasApp Users Message Each Other

FaceBook to Merge WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Messaging

This development can be good or bad depending on what you make it, but particularly if you plan to use any of these platforms for keeping in touch with clients or for marketing, you may want to make some changes in your long-range plans.

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Now to the good stuff:  

Matt Dubois of VoiceCastingHub, is getting busy, and launching Click To Tweet

The other email I’m getting a lot of these days involvles questions about COVOCO.  Since writing an early aticle about this casting site, I’ve heard nothing, ‘cept the fact that it’s likely an India-Based pay-to-play, and in my experience no clients in India have EVER met my rates expectations.  Big US companies go there to have cut-rate producers pitch low-compensation jobs back in the US.  Don’t play alongCas

On the more promising side, Matt Dubois of VoiceCastingHub, is getting busy, and launching The former site was developed in response to VDC’s threatening purchase of VoiceBank (see my blog: This Is What It’s About), and interfaces with talent agent directives.  The latter site is more of an effort to create a real online casting site with ethical and sound VO business practices for the rank ‘n’ file voice actor.  It may not be ready to go full-out until March, but the site is taking applications now.

Finally, Dyverse is showing up on my radar a lot these days, and I have very little information about them, so maybe I’ll try to contact them for some info to put here on my blog.  So far I only see Dyverse on FaceBook Groups.

That’s all I have for today, but think about how to curry your online sources for ongoing changes that could affect your freelance business…and be sure to bookmark my blog!




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